Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Memes -- Things in a row -- Two Questions -- Traveling

As you read you can be thinking
which of these activities you would rather be doing.

Oh yes, I hope your Ides of March is pleasant.

Riding on a motorcycle to Sturgis, South Dakota?

That would be because you are headed for the largest motorcycle rider gathering in the United States. Every year thousands of motorcycles are headed to attend the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. (link) Also I have several distant cousins living in Sturgis and vicinity to visit as an added bonus for me going up there.

These riders are inside the Ronnie's Bar in Tekamah, Nebraska, on their way up to South Dakota. Generally motorcycles like to travel long distances in a group. It is more fun and if there would be a break down or trouble being represented in numbers sure does help things.

Panning for Gold in Alaska?

These folk are lined up panning for gold in Alaska. I am guessing that they were all tourists. I took home several little nuggets the size of peppercorns and a larger piece worth $24. The larger piece used to sit on our coffee table but now it is in a drawer someplace. How do I know it is worth twenty-four dollars? I don't for sure but that is what I paid for this souvenir.

We did a Princes Cruise-Tour which started in Anchorage, then we did sight seeing travel to Fairbanks and then back to Whittier, 60 miles south of Anchorage, to catch our ship. The cruise portion then ended in Vancouver, Canada.

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For more things in a row please visit Pat's Things in a Row post. You might like to post your own 'Things in a Row.'
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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Poetic Shutterbug for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)
Last week we answered questions about using our 'free time' after a medical appointment either to go back to the grindstone or take the rest of the day off and enjoy yourself. Most went back to work or the household. The bonus question was about having your dog's teeth cleaned. Most don't. However a few brush their dog's teeth. Mrs. Jim won't do that and I don't.

My Two Questions for this week:
1. Which did you decide? Travel to Alaska or to Sturgis, South Dakota, with the motorcyclists?
When I met Mrs. Jim I rode a motorcycle. Mine wasn't a big road bike but it would get around. It was a Honda CB-450 which is a nice little town bike and also will travel. I wouldn't do Sturgis with it. A Harley Hog would be much better or even a Harley Sportster would work. I don't ride anymore but do keep my license current for riding.
2. Where will your next vacation (holiday) be? Will it involve travel and if so what kind?
We plan next to go to London to see our grandkids (KP and BP) and kids (Karen and Billy).

.e .
Bonus Question: Does any of your family ride a motorcycle now? Is that okay with you or do you worry?
Our youngest son, age 50, has a motorcycle. He doesn't ride it much anymore but that is fine with me. Like his dad used to do, he rode up and down the Houston busy streets. Do I worry? Not to much unless I hear of a motorcycle accident on the TV broadcast.

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I used to ride a Yammy 350 in Australia. You can get surprisingly goofy on one of those if you want to and are in your early 20s.
I like the motorcycles in a row!

We've been through Sturgis - fortunately, or unfortunately, just a matter of looking at it, we were there when it was DEAD - after the rally. The town makes all its money during rally week - millions - the other 51 one weeks - hardly anything!

I'd pick Alaska!
1. Travel to Alaska. Too old for the motorcycle trips anymore.

2. We are flying to Indiana in May to visit my brother and sister in law. They are going to take us on lots of sightseeing tours so we are looking forward to that.

3. My brother still rides, but I don't talk to him anymore after what he pulled at our home two Thanksgivings ago, so no I don't worry about him. Hubby sold his bike a couple of years ago because he didn't feel safe anymore. I worried about him every time he went for a ride. I just prayed that he would come back safe.

Have a terrific day. :)
Interesting post. The motorcycles in a row make for a great shot!

PS: The Rainbow Lorikeets screech rather than sing! Nothing is perfect in this world :-)
Thanks for stopping by, Jim. The laws books are pre-1900s. The boxes are flower seeds to plant.

I really like your rows and would love to pan for gold. I have panned for diamonds but only found crystals.
Your motorcycles are cool. I used to ride on one with my cousin, but I have never driven one. I think I would prefer visiting Alaska, but only in the summer. :-) I have only taken one vacation in my life (no money) and that was a wonderful church camp with my children, pastor and his family. We loved it and I wish I could do it again.
I visited Alaska once - it was the best time ever - but I didn't pan for gold. sandie

PS My bucket list - has on it to ride on a motorcycle just once with the Hell's Angels - lol
The m/cycles, like pretty maids in a row! It would've been fun to ride with the cold winds of Alaska sweeping past the cheeks. Not young any more for such vigorous activities!

Hi Jim,

Thanks so much for letting me know about my link on Self Sagacity! :-)

I have always wanted to go to Alaska so that would be my choice (although the biker tour could be a lot of fun too!)

I would love to go on vacation but sadly I don't currently see one in sight!

I have had past family members bike before but don't currently have any who ride. I always worry - not so much because of them but because of everyone else@

Have a great weekend & thanks for joining us for Friendship Friday! :-)
Nice shot of all those bikes in a row! My sister and her boyfriend went to Sturgis last year. He had been many times before but that was my sisters first cross country ride!

I would pick Alaska! And with the price of gold where it's at, your nugget is probably worth more than $24!

Don't have a clue where the next vacation will be. I doubt it will be very far away if the price of gas keeps rising!

My sister and her boyfriend ride. I don't worry about them.
1. I'd rather the motorcycle. I've had thoughts of riding one on my own for awhile now.

2. I don't know. It's hard to plan ahead.
I'd love to visit London. I hope you'll have a wonderful time!!
At the moment, no one rides in our family. ...except bicycles of course :)

Happy weekend!
Sturgis! Wow! And a Sportster would definitely be great!

I gave up my cycle license when we moved back to KS in 1996 since I had not ridden in years. We finally sold the cycle in 2008. It was fun.

I like the line of bikes. We went to Orange County Choppers when we were in the Hudson Valley and by accident hit the spring poker run and about a thousand cycles of all shapes and sizes. What a sight--and they had the shop actually open so you could go back and drool over the tools... ;-D

I would pick Alaska about July or August when I need to gaze longingly at something cold--like an iceberg!
Have a safe and enjoyable trip to London, Dr and Mrs Jim :)
1. Which did you decide? Travel to Alaska or to Sturgis, South Dakota, with the motorcyclists? I would rather if I could ride a motorcycle with the motorcyclists. I panned for gold before and it was quite boring since I didn't find much. I supposed it would be more fun if I did find gold.
2. Where will your next vacation (holiday) be? Will it involve travel and if so what kind? We don't forsee a vacation this year, but I am hoping for a move instead. Although I am not sure if this will happen at all.
Thank you for playing and what fun questions today. Smiles.
I like to visit Alaska but planning on a much warmer spot for vacation probably in July or August.

No one in our family rides a motorcycle!

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