Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things in My Yard -- Things in a Row -- Two Questions -- Please Identify

These mushrooms came up in a crooked ROW after a nice rain. I tease Mrs. Jim about eating them but of course she says NO. Then I suggest making Tea from them. That doesn't work with her either.

Here they are up close. If anyone knows about eating these please let me know. Click on the picture to make them bigger.
Adi (Adi in her younger day with Harry Husker picture) doesn't mind posing with them.  But notice that she likes me to take profile shots of her.  She is proud of her Beagle form.
These flowers come from bulbs every spring.  We don't know what they are but Mrs. Jim says that they have the word, "star," in their name.
Click on them, you may know their name for us.
She was given a plant several years ago and it just wasn't one to keep in our house forever.  So she, we, or I, planted it in our flower bed on the right hand proper line.
Every year there are more and the ROW gets longer and thicker.  Growing in with these flowers are a lot of wild black berry vines.  A friend cleared out most of them from this bed but skipped where the flowers are. 
When the flowers go away then we only see these large leaves.  They grow to three to five feet tall!  I don't know if bulbs are then when the flowers are, but I suppose so.  I will check later on.
For more things in a row please visit Pat's Things in a Row post. You might like to post your own 'Things in a Row.'
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And now for my Thursday Two Questions: (See Thursday Two Questions by Self Sagacity for more reading. You could also make your own by checking in at this link.)
Last week 's post was about my and your travel, economizing, and parallel parking. Answers very interesting, you can go back (May 10th) and check.  Although I am 'dang good' at the parallel parking, some of you sound better.  Others don't even try it.

My Two Questions for this week:

1. What things growing around you that you don't know thier names but would like to know?  After using Google, how should one go about finding out?
When Google doesn't work, I ask Mrs. Jim.  She knows a lot more than I ever did wor will but these two have her stumped.

2. Do you like mushrooms?  Do you or would you ever eat them from the wild?
I love them!  Salads, pizza, fried, gravey, mixed with cooked vegetables, and whold with a bit of salt are some of my favorites.  Mrs. Jim likes them in certain ways, like pizza.  But she really doesn't like them not cooked.

Bonus Question: Does your dog share your interests like my Adi? 
Adi is my best friend, right closely after Mrs. Jim.  But we both are getting old and can't do a lot of the things we used to do.
Note:  I would never let her eat mushrooms, onions, grapes, or raisins all of which I like.  She likes most other food I eat from hot dogs to Granola bars? 

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Do not eat strange mushrooms! Feed them to a friend first and see if he lives! ;)
I use Google to search too. It is hard though, since if you don't know the name, you're pretty much poking in the dark. I try to describe the flower as precised as possible, using its color, its shape, and its size. For example:"pink stary small flowers"
then I would choose the images tab instead of web. If the images pops up the flower / thing I was searching for then, great, if not, I try to use another search word. Most times I am sucessful doing it this way.
I love mushrooms, no one in my house does though.
I grew most things around my house so I know the names of all of them. We start from zero, tore down eveyrthing and replant what we wanted.
I like mushrooms, but I only eat the kind that I buy from the store! I like them raw, stir-fried, deep fried, whatever!
Nice rows. My first dog was a beagle and she and I grew up together.

Thanks for your kind words.

Yes, there are certain mushrooms we pick and eat but not these in this picture.
I love flowers and would love to know all their names. My neighbor is sooo good at this.

2. I eat mushrooms sometimes but it has to be cooked in a meal.

3. I don't have a pet.

I love your yard! It's beautiful!
DO NOT EAT THOSE MUSHROOMS. You've been warned.

Your yard is so green and pretty with all your rows.

We have Disco - a little guy - who was abused and we rescued him and he rescued us!

Someone was kind enough to supply me with a site that helps name flowers long ago when I posted a photo of one sold to me as feverfew - it was Philadephia fleabane. Another way to browse flower photos is to go to a gardening catalog online. I know what my flowers are when I plant them, but sometimes forget their names years later. I'm not getting younger. lol I had a dog who was stolen from me and he loved riding in the car with me.
Jim, I went back to my article and found the comment my friend left with her suggested link:
Hi Jim

I appreciate your visits and hope you have a GLORIOUS weekend! :-)

I'm NOT a fan of mushrooms - I'm allergic to them when ingested - although they DO look pretty cool when grown in the wild!

Create With Joy
no dog or yard, and i can't stand mushrooms! lol
Hi Jim ~~ You should have turned one of the mushrooms over as the underside tells if you can eat them or not.
I love your lovely green yard, do you have to mow all of it?
Sorry I have been so long answering, I had Peter here and wasn't too well. Kate of the restaurant doesn't have to teach her sister
Kristen who has gone to live with her, the cooking skills as Kristen has completed a beauty therapist
course and has a great job at a chemist shop and loves it. Peter and I had a great week together, although he expected me to fall at any minute. Hadn't seen me for a year and all his updates when I was in hospital were from John telling him how I was. So he got rather a shock at how I can't walk unaided etc etc. This past week he went to spend with his son and daughter, but he and Vicki are back for my birthday on Thursday -78th
The photo of John, Kathy and me was taken in 2009 according to my granddaughter who could read the calendar behind us. I still can't read it.
Very bad eyesight, but I looked well in it. Think I am up to date now my friend. Thank you for being such a faithful blogging
buddy Jim. Take great care of yourself. Cheers, Merle.
what big mushrooms! cool :) it´s nice to hold hands after 39 years ♥
I love mushrooms and runs around in the woods a lot during fall picking them free eatable goodies.

Rule number one, never eat a mushroom if you don´t know for sure what it is.

Very diffucult to see what type of mushroom that is, when just seing it from a top view. It is necessary to flip it over to see more characteristics.

Macrolepiota procera or Macrolepiota rhacodes are two possible alternatives among many others.
At ease disease, there's a fungus amongus.
1) I use Google to search by describing what the subject looks like and the look at the images.

2) I don't eat wild mushroom unless I know what it is such as morel mushrooms.

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