Friday, June 22, 2012

My Alphabe-Thursday (on Friday) -- "E" -- Eggs Again

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Of course there is a story here.  There just about always is when I have a picture or pictures.  This one is about the nasty looking egg on the right.  Question, why aren't the others nasty looking like this one?
That's the story here.  Mrs. Jim asked my why these eggs weren't peeling good when the rest of them all peeled so good two days before. 
Jim to the resuce.  "They are cold, sweetheart.  Warm the shells and they will peel fine."
No sooner said than done.  Voilà!—problem solved (pronounced "vwallah").  She ran the other three eggs in their shells under our hot water faucet and they all peeled fine. 
Was this a coincidence?  Try it yourself next time you are having trouble.  Warm eggs just peel easier than cold ones, take it from Dr. Jim.
What we have above is the three deviled eggs left over from her small group bridge party.  That means three other players ate five half eggs, deviled.  Mrs. Jim makes a fine deviled egg, mine are close to hers.
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You can check out more Alphabe-Thursday 'E' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday here. You might even like to join us as we go through the alphabet, one letter per week.

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One of my favorite foods. Yummy.

Have a terrific day. :)
Jim, you have got to stop this egg business! They look sooooo tempting, and one of my absolute favorites, but now I am so "askeert" of eating one. Voila! Askeert is rural mountain talk for scared!

My son takes all the yellows, puts them in a plastic bag with the rest of the ingredients, squishes them around until everything is mixed together, then he cuts a little hole in one corner of the bag and pipes the mixture into the whites. Sprinkle on a little paprika, and you're done!!

In the last several years, I have become horribly ill from eggs. In one incident, I was carted off to the ER in an ambulance, and the EMT kept saying, "God! I wish I could get a pulse!" Still, there are times when I am sooooo tempted!
You are so right about that!!! I love hb eggs!
I had no idea at all to warm the egg shells - I am going to share that. Sandie
Your deviled eggs are making me feel very hungry!
a great tip!
I should have read this a couple of days ago hen I had problems peeling one of my eggs for breakfast. I think most of the egg came off in the shell...I was not amused!
Good tip that I'll relay to my wife. Thanks for sharing.

Emotions Of Poetry
I will definitely try this. Our Grandlittles love hardboiled eggs!

And I love devilled eggs!

Thanks for another eggsellent link for the letter "E".

Surprised to find a post on eggs just now.

This afternoon I went into the kitchen and found the egg carton sitting on the stove. I thought hubby had left them out after breakfast. When I went to put them away I notice they were still cold. That turned on my old light bulb in my head. I opened the microwave to find our fantastic egg cooker in there. I then knew hubby wanted a chef salad for dinner. But the cooker only holds four eggs. Not enough for all of us. So I refilled the cooker and placed it in the microwave and went back to my computer. A short time later I heard this loud bang and went running to the kitchen. When I opened the microwave the eggs had all exploded and what a mess was inside. Seems hubby only half filled the water in the cooker and I failed to double check it. The cooker went dry, the eggs exploded. After cleaning up the mess I had to make a run to the store for more eggs.
Hi Jim ~~ Another great hint for us to remember. I must admit I always peel them as soon as I can handle them so
they are always warm and co-operative. I must try devilled eggs. Cheers, Merle.

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