Saturday, June 23, 2012

— Six Word Saturday —

My Six Words:
Staying in the slow lane today
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It's way to hot to go out, mid 90°F's and in the 100's by mid-week. But I have a lot of work to do in the slow lane house.

AND we have a new air conditioner. Our old one cratered a week ago Thursday, the day my sister Lois and her husband Jim W. came to spend the night.

Fortunately our A/C man could get and have installed by nightfall a new unit outside.  Inside, up in the attic he changed our evaporator to match the new unit outside.
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We are having the opposite problem: constant and torrential rain.
Also being swallowed by the heatmonster. Hang in there; cooler days ahead.
Slow lane sounds great! :). Especially after a busy week.
Glad you can get the A/C problem so quickly. They always go out in the middle of a heat wave.
You're having the hot weather and in central California our high is the upper 70s for the next few days. It's usually very hot this time of year. I like it cooler.

Have a terrific day and enjoy the new air conditioner. :)
Great 6 words! How does one follow you??
McGuffy's Reader
Funny that we always have something happen when people come over.

Staying in the cool lane today.

Chilling out, huh?
Yikes! I would be in the melted puddle zone if our AC went out. That never seems to happen on a cooler day, does it? I'm so glad they were able to get you back up and running quickly. We are so blessed with these conveniences here in hot, hot Texas!
Perhaps you could swap us a bit of your warm and we'll send you a bit of our cool!
We are having terrible weather here in Britain at the mo and you know how us Brits like to moan about the weather...
I actually prefer it a bit to cool rather than a bit too hot,not used to warm weather you see,when it does come we just melt!
It is hot and dry here in Texas too. It was good to see you stop by my blog. The image for my SWS came from Pinterest.
Ha ha it's so funny -everyone's replies mention their weather, so I won't mention that it is raining here too, non stop, daily, night and day,a ll the time, Noah where's the ark? LOL
Wow! That was a bad time for the air conditioner to die! I'm glad you were able to keep the house cool.
You forgot to add and a possible hurricane.... Nice house, right in the middle of the woods! : )
the slow lane is the way to drive! You see alot more! Also I have dedicated a blog post to you and another Jim- go look!
Sounds like an expensive day! We're not exactly freezing, but summer is still more or less permanently AWOL.

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