Friday, July 20, 2012

Company's here — Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words:
Telling friends, "I'm coming to America."

Our London (U.K.) kids, granddaughter (above, KP), daughter (Karen), and SIL (Billy) came today and are visiting us for a bit.  It seemed like a long time since we had seen each other but we were just over there this April and May.

Now we have to make up for lost time.  Both KP and Karen had birthdays in July just before they came.  KP is now a BIG THREE years old.

This picture was taken by Karen with her iPhone on the plane before take-off.  She e-mailed it to us just before shutting the phone off.

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I just know you are so excited. Excited beyond words. Have a great time with your family! sandie
Have a great time with your family!
Have a great visit! It is nice to see family.
Isn't technology wonderful (when it works!) Enjoy the visit - our summer invasions start on Monday
Hi Jim ~~ How wonderful to have your family visit. And just look at KP sending you
an e mail At 3 years of age. Shs grown up so quickly.
Have lots of fun, family is so important as you know.
Thanks for your comments on my last post - glad you liked the kid's sayings and the blonde guy joke.
Take care my friend, Cheers, Merle.
enjoy your visit!
Have a delightful time with your grandchildren!

Happy Saturday!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
Adorable! Have a great time.
Have a great time as I know you and Mrs. Jim will. It's good to see your family and especially that cute three year old. :)
Wonderful world of technology. Know you'll enjoy the visit. Louie
Happy Birthday KP
you look so grown up

have a great visit everyone
Please enjoy yourself with the lovely visit from your daughter and her family, Dr Jim :)

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