Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Nineteenth Hole — MidWeek Blues / Magical / "Series" — Thematic Photographic

Mrs. Jim and I played golf yesterday.  Golf you know is eighteen holes, tee off from the tee box, hit on the fairways a couple of times to get to the green, and putt two more times to make the ball go into the hole.  That makes four hits to get the ball in the hole and would be a par if that hole was par four.
Repeat eighteen times and that is a round of golf.  Most holes are par four, a few are either par three (short green) or par five (long green).  On many courses the total of pars is 72, a few are less and just a handful are par 73.
Well, what is the nineteenth hole?  That is a watering hole for some, where the guys and/or the ladies discuss their golfing experience for the day, have a drink or two and discuss a lot of other things.
This nineteenth hole for us is our Fitness Center.  We dropped in for a couple of things, first to de-water (go pee), then Mrs. Jim got a big cup of fresh coffee, half decaf and half regular to take out (free) and I got a cup of ice and the fitness classes schedule for July.  The schedule is so that I can use the group room for my lifts, pulls, stretches, etc, that my orthopedic Dr. has prescribed for me to do.
What is magical about golfing or nineteen holes?  For me it is magic because a year ago I thought that I would never play golf again.  That was because I had a total left knee joint replacement last July 18th.
But now I have been playing golf for a month.  I think I might play better than I did before the new knee.  That is magic too because I never did play very good.  I say that I am not athletic.
Oh yes, the blue flag on the back?  That is my 'handicap flag' so that I can ride close to the greens and on the fairways of the par three holes which generally are 'cart path only.'  It isn't for my new knee that I fly it but for a right foot that tends to swell way up walking on the golf course too much.  So I ride more and walk less.
And now the series part.  The first picture was the end. 
This picture is of a low water crossing.  It is on the Wedgewood course that I would have played with the fellows.  But Mrs. Jim couldn't get her group together yesterday for their play.  So she and I used her tee time on the Miller course here (the one behind our house is the Weiskopf) in our subdivision.
We were joined by a couple of fellows who played really good.  Playing lots of things with someone better than you will help you to play better.  Goes for chess, tennis, and golf too.  It did get hot before we finished, about 94°F..
Oh yes, Adi, Mrs. Jim, and I wish you all a

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Week # 202 for the Thematic Photographic.  Going good, Carmi. This is Week # 004 for me.  Carmi also challenged his readers today to write something Magical for today.
Instructions from Carmi Levi: "Post a blue-themed pic to your blog. Leave a comment here letting folks know where to find it. Visit other Thematic participants. Rinse. Repeat. Enjoy. Click here for more background on Thematic, our weekly photo exploration/sharing thing."
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I am glad you are able to golf again and that the knee replacement is behind you! Nice your wife plays too. I have never played.
the 19th hole sounds like the one I'd be good at
love your cart
and of course patriotic Adi is a pleasure to see

hugs to all
I'm glad you are back out on the course. I've never played golf. Just never interested me. I know some very avid golfers though.

You and yours have a safe and happy Independence Day. :)
Keep swinging Jim. I can think a several series connected with golf - like 4 shots to get out of a bunker (sandtrap).
Amazing that you are able to play golf again, Jim!

Happy Independence Day!
I used to love to play golf...but now that we have a boat we do more fishing than golfing!! It's a lot cooler out on the water ;)
I just wonder if it as hot there as it here - it is too hot to play golf!

But I did have a good 4th - painting my grandsons room.

Love, sandie
Sounds like you had fun! Thanks for the golf lesson, I never really understood the rules. Happy 4th of July! Glad you had a good one!
: )
I played golf yesterday and today, Jim.

It was get next to the hole in one, mess up a few wedges, and then two-putt.
It's very good to know that you can play golf again, Dr Jim. Take care.

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