Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things in a Row / Two Questions


For Pat's meme, Thursday's Things in a Row, this week's entry will be my two Lego buildings. The Lego store was wonderful. I didn't dare take pictures inside but this one out of the two buildings in the display window I considered 'fair game' so I shot them.

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My Thursday Two Questions for Self Sagacity follow:

1. How would you describe your cat's personality?

Our cat, Amber (link), is nineteen years old so she likes to sleep in the sunshine. She is loving and even at her age, very playful..

The cat above isn't our cat.  She was playing near the playground when we took KP there to swing. .


2. What is your experience with Lego blocks?
No experience except for a little playing with my cousin's Legos. I always wanted some Lego blocks but Santa never brought me any.

Bonus Question: What would be your choice for an "M" word if you posted one this week. 
Check my previous post (link) for my "M" word, Meow.  It was about the Grey Cat above.
For last weeks' bonus question my answer was a farce, trying to get some reactions. It is not true in any way. I said, "I think the government should subsidize the circus industry. Better circuses would help employment, ..

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We don't have a kitty anymore. I'm allergic to cats, so we have to give ours away 24-years ago.

I don't have a lot of experience with Legos, but our DS loved playing with them when he was small. ^.^

Visit today's post, I've Got the Music!
Cute little buildings. I was never that creative with Legos. Unless my kids didn't have enough of them to let my creativity go wild!

Most of my experiences with Legos is stepping on them barefoot! OUCH! Now THAT hurts!

I don't have any pets, let alone cats. I would LOVE to. My daughter has 3 cats, all different personalities. My favorite is Luna. A very loving and needy fat cat.

Favorite "M" word?

"Moola". They say money can't buy you happiness, but I sure want to just give it a try! A few family members are out of would be nice to win the lottery and help a lot of families out! :)
My car is old like me,but it keeps running. sandie
1. We don't have a cat as I'm highly allergic to cats. It's a shame too because I love cats.

2. I played Lego's with my son when he was little. We didn't have Lego's when I was a child.

3. How about MONEY!

Have a terrific day Jim. My best to Mrs. Jim. :)
Nice row of legos! The cat has rows of stripes as well.

We have three cats. They are all getting up there in years. One is more like a dog and greets everyone that comes over. One is very shy and hides a lot and one is super lazy and a tad on the portly side.

My kids loved legos so I played with them a lot with them. Now with my job, I get to play with Lego's again as we have a Lego's 4-H Club.

My M word would have to be Merlot! =)
Don't think lego's had been invented when I was a kid. We played with Lincoln Logs. Never had a son to buy them for but have played with the grandson and is when he was small. I kind of like them.

We had four cats and lost one to liver disease in the spring.

As you know I did a post for the letter M this week and my word was Medal.
Hi Jim ~~ Legos sure weren't invented when I was a child. My brother did have a mechano set, similar but metal pieces that screwed together. Not as easy or as much fun as Lego.
I am very pleased to have quite a lot of frozen meals stashed in my freezer, so can relax ab out dinners. They all consist of some meat and lots of veggies,
including a corn cob. I like them. They have plenty of frozen dinners in the stores, but they seem to me to consist of mostly rice and not a great variety or taste. So I hope I can continue to do my own cooking. I hope you and Mrs Jim are doing well and not hungry. It seems a while since I saw Jim and family eat again!! Take care my friend,
Cheers, Merle.
1 I don't have a kitty Jim. Maybe one day we'll see, but it's between a dog (me) and a cat (husband). He likes one, I like the other.

2. Lego blocks are cool. I love the designs that can be made.

3. M - Motherhood. It's a fine case of never knowing what's going to happen.

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