Thursday, September 27, 2012

— My Alphabe-Thursday — "S" — Things in a Row — Two Questions —

"S" is for Sandwiches and Sauerkraut
in respect for Aphabe- Thursday.

Libby's is a good Sauerkraut. I eat it because I don't eat seeds anymore, per doctor's order.

Actually I like the taste of Bush's Best Bavarian Sauerkraut-Canned better but had to quit eating it because it contains dill seeds. Basically, Sauerkraut is Sauerkraut so it wasn't a big deal when I had to switch.

Above is my cheese dog with Sauerkraut and yellow mustard. This is probably my next to favorite sandwich. The other two here are close favorites and please note that each has Sauerkraut inside.
Click on the pictures to see how pretty they are.  They are equally as yummy.
On the left is a Rachel sandwich on rye bread.  The Rachel is made like a Reuben except that is has pastrami instead of corned beef and Russian dressing instead of French dressing.
The quick Rachel's ingredients are two slices of toasted rye bread, spread them with Russian dressing, place a nice layer of pastrami on one of the slices, cover with sauerkraut, a piece or more of Swiss cheese laid over the second slice of bread.  Be sure the sauerkraut is well drained, I squeezed mine a bit, so that it does not saturate the bread.  Rachel sandwiches should not have soggy bread.
Place the bread on on a plate of appropriate size and heat both slices in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  The Swiss cheese should be slightly melted, then stop heating.  Put the Swiss cheese slice over the meat and kraut piece.  If any liquid is on the plate wipe it up with a paper towel.
Cut your Rachel sandwich in two, eat and enjoy.
On the left is a Canadian bacon, microwaved egg, American cheese, and sauerkraut sandwich on rye bread that I made for breakfast.  This is pretty self explanatory, except for the microwaved egg I whipped it in a cup, placed it in a spray oiled small bread sized dish, covered it with a paper towel piece, and cooked it on high for one minute.
 - - - - - -
For Thursday Things in a Row I had to stretch things a bit. Do two half sandwiches laying side by side count as being in a row
- - - - - - 

I really enjoyed your responses to my Guatemala City pictures and food delivery questions last week.
My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):

1. How keen are you about sauerkraut?  Do you like it on a sandwich and if you don't, might you try?  Why or why not?

Besides liking my sauerkraut on sandwiches and hot dogs I also like to eat sauerkraut as a vegetable.
2. What can you tell us about your favorite sandwiches?
My favorite is a Philly cheese steak sandwich.  I judge in part a new to me restaurant by how well their Philly cheese steak sandwich it.  In my home town the City Cafe made delicious Philly cheese steak sandwiches.  They were bought out so I ordered one to check on the new owners.  The taste was good but the quantity of filling was very low. 
For conversation I asked the cook if she made them all from scratch.  She very proudly said no, they came in a pouch that she opened to fill the roll.  I should have suggested that she put two pouches into each sandwich to make it passable.  But I was nice and said that the pouches made her work easy.

Bonus Question:  How often do you make sandwiches for a meal?
I make sandwiches at the drop of a hat.  That liking came from my midlife bachelor days.
Substitute Bonus Question:  What is your favorite "S" word?
- - - -  

I posted the above for Alphabe-Thursday 'S' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her by clicking right here
My post is also for Pat's Thursday Things in a Row.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
. —My Thursday Two Questions post is for Amanda.

Rest in Peace, dear Adi

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I like the sound of the Rachel, will give it a try. We have sandwiches for lunch most every day and cheddar cheese and pickle are my favourite.
Great S post!
Well Mr. Jim! I clicked on your blog to read/write and what does my husband see? Hotdogs with sauerkraut and mustard. Guess what we are having for dinner tonight?
Sauerkraut, I do like it when it is a bit crisper than most canned versions. I have never seen this jarred one, I am going to look for that and give it a try.
Jim, I have never heard of the Rachel sandwich! I will definitely try it. And those hotdogs look delicious. I had a hotdog after golf yesterday-the first one I have had in probably a year. It was great!
Wow - that first sandwich is a work of art!

I'll say your "rows" this week are the dollops of mustard on the dog!

I do NOT like sauerkraut, nosirebob I don't!

I'm not a big fan of sandwiches unless they are warm. I do like grilled cheese, philly steak. Once in awhile I'll have tuna or egg salad.
I do like sauerkraut. Have you had it fried up with piece wiener slices? That's so good with pinto beans. This is the way the elementary/jr high school cafeteria served it & it was one of my favorites. Occasionally I do this at our house.

I'm not much of sandwich eater or at least not on a regular basis. Not that I don't like sandwiches because I do like 'em. The Rachel sounds yummy. I do love a good Reuben. In fact I made Reuben sandwiches for us several months ago which turned out great.

Love today's 'S' word!
I like to sweeten kraut with some brown sugar and cook it up in a crockpot with Pork, apples and onions.

I also like it with kielbasa, and a hotdog with kraut is wonderful

Not sure I could eat it with eggs like your one sandwich, lol! THAT would be a STRETCH for me...:)
1. Sauerkraut is awesome. I love it on or with just about anything. I love all German food. Sauerkraut is an intricate part of German food.

2. My favorite sandwich is a double double from In 'N' Out. The best hamburger on the planet.

3. Silence as can the politics end and let's all have some silence. I'm sick of all of them.

Have a terrific day. :)
Oh yeah, Reubens are delish! The Rachel sounds good -- I'll have to try it (hubby would dearly love it too)! Other than those, sauerkraut is just not for me!
Hi Jim, First of all thank you for your detailed comment about my Benz. I appreciate the tips and I will take your advice. I also read online that never to settle for their first offer. Thanks so much for that - it isn't everyday that we can get first hand experience good advice. I remember reading about your accident. The accidents are emotional. We run through so many different feelings, and it isn't easy to just let go sometimes. But normally humans will, because we are resilient.
I think I like the Rachel sandwich, I like a little more meat, and flavor on my bread. I don't mind trying and would try it. I am not sure if it is something that our family would welcome though, since they are creatures of habits too.
2) My favorite sandwiches are the Poorboy from New Orleans, and the Vietnamese sandwiches, they are full of flavor, but getting so expensive! Believe it or not, they used to be 50 cents, and now, $3.50. It has made its way to the white and Mexican communities, but probably less so now that they are not $1.50 anymore.
How did you know it was time for lunch for me right now! Oh yummy ideas here too, just to let you know my mother was German so yeah we ate lots of kraut! Great post! Rachel's are great too!
I think it was Ms. Jenny from Alphabe-Thursday that told me how to handle spam. Just make everyone join Blogger in order to comment on your blog. The spammers usually don't want to join. Anyway, it's worked for me. I only get a piece of spam once in a blue moon.

OK, now on to your question. I do like sauerkraut...especially with hot dogs. I've just never tried it on any other sandwich, but it sounds good. I'll have to give it a try.
Okay Jim - I love Chicago dogs - they are my favorite - do you know what they are?

But I do like all those ingredients - but not sure about the sauerkraut on the hotdog. Lol
Why would you have to stop eating seeds? That's a bummer. Not a sauerkraut fan. At all. Ew.
Now I'm really hungry! Nice sandwich rows!

I LOVE sauerkraut! I can thank my parents for that! =) My hubby on the other hand doesn't like it at all!

My two favorite sandwiches would be a french dip on sourdough and a reuben!

I will make sandwiches a couple times a month for our dinner!
1. i don't think I've ever had sauerkraut....I probably would have remembered.

2. My favorite sandwich is biscoff and jelly sandwiches.

3. I only make sandwiches for lunch.

Happy Friday!
I love Sauerkraut! My mom used to make it from the cabbage in our garden. I like it on hot dogs and Rubens, never heard of a Rachel but it sounds good. I think it is a great side dish especially with pork.

My favorite sandwich is a BLT or just a tomato sandwich (tomatoes fresh from the garden of course).

My favorite S word of the moment is sunflower.
I don't like sauerkraut but I do enjoy coleslaw on a sandwich, and that's close... {:-D
I like sauerkraut but none is as good as the kind my Mom canned. I'm not crazy about it on a sandwich unless it's a Reuben.

I'm just catching up and I was so very sorry to hear about Adi. I know you miss her so much. My belated condolences.

What's happened to Karen BTW? She hasn't posted in a while.
I will eat sauerkraut on occasion but it is not something I go out of my way for.
I'm fond of sauerkraut. YUM.
That looks delicious. I love sauerkraut. It is awesome, but I don't get to enjoy it very often. Have a great week.
Rachel sandwich is right up my alley!!! think I might need to make one soon!
I love sauerkraut in any form.

I need to dig out my recipe for sweet baked sauerkraut.

That's actually making my mouth water!

I think my husband and I would be both love a Rachel sandwich!

thanks for a splendidly delicious link for the letter S.


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