Thursday, October 11, 2012

— My Alphabe-Thursday, Three Umbrellas — "U" — Things in a Row — Two Questions —

Three Umbrellas
in respect for Aphabe- Thursday.

"U" is for Umbrella.  Here we have three.

First is our KP with here 'rainy day protector.'  She is so happy with it mainly because she likes Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

No one told her that it is bad luck to open an umbrella in the house.  But both in London and in Houston we always carry our umbrellas because we never know when the weather will turn to rain.

Next are two of mine.  The top one in the picture obviously came from Bloomingdales but I did not buy it there.  Like many of our umbrellas it just showed up in my collection.  It is quite old judged by the mechanism being non-push button.

The lower one, still in the store casing, is to replace it.  I purchased one like it at our local Academy store but it only lasted one rainstorm.  Then it came apart just like it's predecessor from Bloomingdales did.

I took it back to the store wanting a replacement.  I did not have my receipt but there was a warning on the package of the one in the store that these carried a 'lifetime' warranty.

Sure enough, they did replace it without a receipt.  Please note that I did save the receipt for this one, "just in case."

- - - - - -

Here are some wild persimmons (Google Link) that I found on my walk this morning.  I was pleasantly surprised to find them. 

They were not laying in rows like in this picture, I did that for my "Thursday Things in a Row" post for pat.  You can go here for more "Row" posts by other bloggers.

And this then, is the tree they were growing on.

- - - - - -

Now for my Thursday Two Questions.

I really enjoyed your responses to my Rockers on our back porch and places that you might have to relax and watch the world go by.

My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):

1. How does your umbrella life go?  Are there any stories you'd like to tell about your umbrella experiences?

2. What can you tell us about fruit trees, wild or domesticated in your neighborhood?
Bonus Question: What is your favorite "U" word?

- - - - -

I posted the above for Alphabe-Thursday 'U' assignments with Miss Jenny at the head of the class. You can find her by clicking right here.
My post is also for Pat's Thursday Things in a Row.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
 My Thursday Two Questions post is for Amanda.

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I love the mickey mouse umbrella the best. IT's super cute.
We don't have any special umbrella as mostly are redemptions or gifts from friends.
When I was going to school and then working, my umbrella life wasn't so good. All it took was a stiff strong wind to destroy my cheapie compact umbrella. Today, I'm not out so much and when it comes to using an umbrella then I'd rather not - too much aggravation. So, I normally either wait it out or just run for it!

You know, I don't know much about fruit trees and I don't believe there is anyone in my neighborhood who has them. I would love to have some apple trees in my yard one day. Maybe when I find out dream home I can set some out. =D

Interesting 'U' post!

Come check out my Alphabe-Thursday 'U' post entitled, Our Universe.

My favorite U word is unique, and we have no fruit trees around here as we are in the city..Maybe next summer I will plant one, not sure what it will be but something.
KP is adorable, but you already know that.

I think I'll do the bonus question this week. How about UNITE.

Have a terrific day Jim. My best to Mrs. Jim. :)
Ha! I did an umbrella post today too for Alphabe-Thursday!! Great minds think alike....
My favorite umbrella was one I purchased on a rainy day in London on a visit when I was in high school. Back in the states, I loved using it-- probably because it was from England! Then I lost it somewhere on campus....
1) I have a lot of umbrella stories that were unpleasant. :-0 They always turned up in the harsh wind, and never covers me from the rain. They wet my car. They are a pain to get to most times. I have been poked in the eye and jabbed in the arm on some occasions too.
2) I have a few fruit trees in my yards now, persimmons, apples, lemon, nectarines, and tangerines. They have been so good to us.
My neighbors are not fruit tree growers. I think SO and I are the only gardeners on our court.
oh- on the no word verification...Thanks so much for turning it off, those things are a real pain in the eye, and time. For Anonymous comments, I suggest that you go into the blogger dashboard and check them then click the spam button...Blogger will get them all before they get published on your site. It's really amazing...
I don't know if I even still have an umbrella! It doesn't rain a lot out here, just snows....

I do have problems reading word verifications eyes are old!

the first pic is so cute! :)
KP's umbrella is the prettiest, Dr Jim :)

Unique is my favourite "U" word.

I've discovered that Japanese umbrellas are very durable; much more than those made in China. My current one had survived many windy episodes.

Hey I love Mickie and Minnie Mouse - I'd love that umbrella!!! And you will be needing yours soon! lol
I don't think we own any umbrellas. Wait - we DO have a beach umbrella! Haven't used it in years though.
In my case one umbrella last one yr.... that is three months of monsoon and some really hot summer days. Since on that...... how can the merchant give anybody "lifetime unconditional guarantee" that is weird!!! Would you want to carry the same umbrella all your life???? NAHHHH
No trees here...... I live in a concrete jungle.
Lovely umbrella post!!!

Ahh old wives tales. If we do not pass them on to our children, they live freely.

I have always had my umbrellas, whether for sun or rain. It gets really HOT with the sun at times when I used to walk everywhere.

2. We have a few trees here, but nothing fruit least I haven't seen fruits .

3. U word : Unity :)

Funny, my umbrella is usually in my car so I have to run to my car to get it.

We have apple, peach, pear and cherries trees around here, but not in my yard. I have three mulberry trees - the fruit I don't care for. lol
I'm not much of an umbrella user. It has to be really stormy. I just use a hood, usually.

Where I live, there used to be tons of orange orchards. Over the decades, the orange growers left, but many neighborhoods still have tons of orange trees on their property from the orange orchard days. My house isn't on one of these old properties though. Bummer.
I used to have a persimmon tree by my front door. It was gorgeous in fall when the leaves turned bright bright orange, hiding the fruit. And in the spring it was lush and green and full. I loved the first batch of fruit with which I would make persimmon pudding and persimmon bread. But after that, I hated the mess it made as the fruit fell off the tree...splat!!..on the driveway. There was no way to eat all the fruit it produced and most people either love it or hate. Even the food bank wouldn't take it; they said they didn't know what to do with it.
Sorry for the late coming Jim, but my "life umbrella" is currently flipping backward right now..ha, try to straight that out!

I would love to have a fruit tree in my yard, apple is my choice.
Oh, I love the umbrella picture!

Sooooo adorable.

I don't think I've ever seen a persimmon before. They remind me a lot of plums!

I'm not much of an umbrella person. I'd rather just get wet! Silly me!

The trees in our neighborhood are all citrus, figs and pomegranates.

They are everywhere...they fill the alleys and the roadsides.

And many just leave them to rot and drop.

I always feel sad about that...should be able to figure out how to ship them back East to all the folks that are soooo hungry!

Thanks for linking.


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