Thursday, October 04, 2012

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Here we are ready for some fall talking, whittling, reading, or what have you.  Friends who come over generally migrate to our back porch, especially the men.  We can drag up some more chairs.  Our back yard blends with the 11th fairway of the golf course behind our house so the scenery is pretty most of the time.  Plus there are a few golfers now and then for the dogs to bark at.

Speaking of chairs, the one in the foreground is a WalMart white rocker I got three years ago.  The next is one that was on Mrs. Jim's porch when she was growing up.  She likes rockers getting this one from the porch and also colonial style inside rocker from the house when she moved out.  Karen has that rocker for rocking Lauren when she was little and still if she will sit still.
The two white plastic resin chairs I recovered from the curb at someones house on garbage day.  There were two more but they have became more or less unsafe.  Perhaps they were 'rescued' by someone handy with tools and his/her hands and made whole again.

Speaking of made whole again, we have been having a Fall Bible Conference for the last four nights this week at our church.  Dr. David Cates, a Houston Baptist University professor (link) lead our study as a guest lecturer. 

Dr. Cates had a definition for 'Redemption', the Baptists call it being born again, that I had not heard but it makes sense.  Jesus Christ, the Messiah come, died on the cross in place of God's punishment for us.  That is he 'redeemed us' by paying the price for us.

Dr. Cates' says that the word 'Redemption' in its original form meant making something valuable again from something discarded as trash.  Think of it that way helps to understand the Lords life saving (eternal life) gift to us.  I always had thought of it as redeeming hocked property from a pawn shop or buying a slave's freedom.

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— The row of chairs is my entry picture for Pat's Thursday Things in a Row.  You might like to see and read about other entries by clicking here.

— Here are my Thursday Two Questions  (click here to read about other bloggers' two questions) for Amanda:

1.  Do you have an outside gathering place that you could visit or just relax by yourself?

2.  Perhaps yours is not a patio, balcony, or porch but rather a garden.  Is that possible for you?

Mrs. Jim would have liked to have a backyard garden setting but that was not practical for us.  I am hot able to do much of the physical work.  We had a landscaper draw up a plan but that was way too expensive for us, in the $95,000 range.  Instead I planted the two bushes at the edge of the porch. 

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hi Jim. I love that photo. It makes me feel at ease, relax. I can see you and your friends sitting, talking, having a great conversation.
$95k! that could be a nice house in TX. SO and I are people who spent money on our exterior too. We like to be able to go outside, sit outside, and eat outside when ever we can.
1) I have my backyard, which is awesome now, compared to what it was. I love this place because when I need a little settling down I run to it and trim my plants.
2) SO just got me a nice bench for the front of our porch, I sat there the other day to make some calls. Forgotten that he has a camera out there, he saw me sitting then spraying the house down. He knows what I do at home, when I am at home. I have no privacy. is for a good reason. SO is a remarkable man.
Very interesting photo and that's amazing that Mrs Jim had that chair so long.

The bible study sounds very educational.

1. Yes I think we do have a few spots here in LA we could gather and relax.

2. For me, I'd prefer a hammock cove.

Happy weekend Jim.
We've two wooden rockers at home too, Dr Jim :)
I love the wooden rockers on your back porch. Who wouldn't want to sit out there on a nice day to catch some fresh air? Course, sounds like you might have to watch out for flying golf balls!

We have a small patio outside our sliding glass doors in our condo. Although we live on a busy street, there is a walking path about 20 feet off of our patio. I like to watch the joggers, walkers, and mom's pushing strollers, or dog walkers going by. Course I DO feel guilty just sitting there! :)
Hello Jim ~~I like your chairs on the porch. I have a closed in gazebo with zips in front and back surrounded by a strong net with q table and 5 easy chairs in it. Great for either male or female gatherings, or mixed when when we gather more chairs and sit around with something to eat or nibble on. This wwill be used more now the weather is warmer.

I am glad you saw the baby in that advt for Evian water and HP printer right at the end. So you met Mrs. Jim at a skate-park so it brought back memories. But I agree with you, that your skating days are over, as that could damage your new knee. Has it healed well Jim?
Taaake good care my friend, Cheers, Merle.
1. We used to sit on our back porch and enjoy being outside. Then the rude neighbors got their kids a trampoline and know how that turned out.

2. We love to sit on the back of our boat. The view is lovely and no matter where we travel it's lovely to sit on the back of our boat.

Have a terrific day. :)
I love my rocking chair and your back porch would be a lovely place to sit and just relax, or visit with friends!

I like your comparison of redemption to rescuing an item of value from a pawn shop... that imagery will stick with me!

I would love to have a pretty garden too, but here it is so hot and dry and would take an incredible amount of work to maintain. We don't have the time or the energy, sadly. I have a couple flower boxes built by my daughter that surround the base of our two trees, that gives me room for flowers and a chance to dig in the dirt. :)
I love to see all the rockers in a row - can imagine all you guys watching golf back there and talking.


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