Friday, November 16, 2012

Feline Friday -- Alley Cat, a Cat of the Night


I think I startled  Alley Cat with my camera.  She is another Dubrovnik, Croatia, street cat.  One of many.

Last week I posted the Dubrovnik cat who lives in the airport terminal (link).  This one was out on the streets at night, trying to decide what to do.

She could stay out in the rain and stroll the almost deserted 'Main Street' of the old town city center.  The old town is walled and no motorized vehicles are allowed inside.

That makes for a lot of walking as the city area is quite large.  We did walk all around the city on the old wall.  The wall was built to protect the residents and businesses from unwanted guests.

Now this sister Alley Cat decided to sit out the rain from her perch here, looking down a side street from her dry archway.  She wasn't wild at all as the Alley Cat looked in my top picture.
Instead she is a friendly cat who makes her fur shiny and her stomach round by begging food off the street and from the people eating at the outside cafes down the street from our hotel (picture 1) (picture2).

Where did we spend the night?  We had a nice Rick Steves recommended hotel, the Villa Ragusa(veview),  just inside the wall.  Our hotel had five rooms, if you decide to stay make reservations early and ask for the top room called "The Suite."  The picture on the left below is Karen's and KP's room.  All the essential were there, including the ensuite bathroom

Oh yes, like the hotel reviewer said, the owner, Pero, did pick us from the airport and bring us back three days later.  On the way he told of his city, of his family, and gave us a lot of tips on how to make the most of our short visit.  And we nibbled on some of his mother's dried figs with a sampling of local beverages during the rest of his indoctrination at the hotel.

The view of the rest of the city below is beautiful from The Suite.  The picture on the right is the view from our room.  Mostly we look at the 'house' across the street.  But if we hung our head out and looked down, we could see the street below and a lot of orange red roofs around the town.  Click on the picture for a better look.


For more Feline Friday cat pictures, you can to Sandee's blog here.
Or go to Steve's at as he is the author of this meme.

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What a pretty cat too. So many are out there alone. It would be nice if all the kitties had a forever home. Just saying.

Love your hotel room and your view too.

Have a terrific day. :)
That is a pretty cat. I was thinking how lucky you are your daughter is living in Europe and all the sites you are getting to see. Thanks for sharing them with us. Does your granddaughter speak a foreign language - I know she speaks English just wondered if she has learned another. sandie
Great looking cat. I don't think it really is a street cat. He looks to well kept.

Have a great weekend!

I can see Karen's book and KP's soft toy on their beds, Dr Jim :)
A city that loves cats... now that's a place I would love to visit!! This was indeed a charming view, reminding me much of places I visited when living in Germany. It is fun to picture life as it was long ago, and it was lovely to see these photos.. thanks for sharing!
This cat is beautiful. And I've tried so many times to snap photos of cats here, but Singapore alley cats prefer to snooze in dark places, which doesn't bode well for my camera phone shots :/

Have a terrific Feline Friday and the weekend ahead :)
Hello Jim ~~ Finally I get to replying to your questions about Veteran's Affairs, Originally it was a voluntary thing, started in
W.W.1 when a dying soldier asked his mate to promise to look after his wife and family. It was called Legacy then and evolved into the Dept.of Veteran's Affairs and although now it is funded b the Government, there are still lots of fund-raisers etc to help.
I wasn't in the Services but my late husband, Harold served in New Guinea against the Japanese, so I am a war widow and receive medical and various other benefits for which I am most grateful.
We do have Medicare and I guess it is similar to the other countries you mention. I don't know much about the details, but know it is wise to have some sort of cover.

I occasionally share stories of my young day with the family, esp the older I get. My second son Geoff wants me to write some of them down, so they won't be lost. (Imust do a bit of that) We had no TV until my older son John was about 2 and he is now 58.
Glad you liked the jokes esp Fifty Shades of Grey. I sleep more that I want to during the day and one of my blogging friends suggested I get the books as they will keep me awake. MY daughter
Kathy has them and is going to give them to me. I bet I will still sleep.
Glad you are safely home from your London trip to see family and
your airport woes.It is a sad world when we have to be so afraid.

I think a lot of children walk in their sleep. I did as a child but never came to any harm. Take good care Jim. Cheers, Merle.
What a beautiful cat. Along with a beautiful city, send me my plane ticket soon Jim, lol!

Have a blessed weekend :-)

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