Thursday, February 28, 2013

— My Alphabe-Thursday (2nd), the letter "O" / Thursday Two Questions — Did you ever?

To honor Alphabe-Thursday letter "O"

"O" is for "OH!!!" today.  No it isn't for my nose bandaged or the story behind it (mohs surgery for basal cell carcinoma, four cuts/digs).

"OH!!!" is for my exclamation when I found this camera Tuesday in the dryer.  I heard the dryer making a thump, thump, thumping sound like it does when you have washed your tennies and are machine drying them for a bit (don't let them get hot, the rubber soles, etc, can't take the heat good--besides they will shrink).

No, this "OH!!!" came when I looked in my freshly washed blue khakis pocket and found the camera.  I had washed it with the pants.  After recharging the battery and sun drying for two days, it doesn't work.  Nada.  No light, no display, no noises, just nothing. 
[click on pictures for larger size]
It was a Sony W-560 that I had ordered from Amazon dot com.  This, below, is the first picture I took with it on May 31, 2011.  The camera came to my sister (Lois) in Iowa and the driving shot was taken just north of Cedar Rapids.

I will quickly shop for another Sony.  Both Sony pocket cameras I have owned have taken over 10,000 pictures.  So did the Kodak.  Adi killed the Kodak when with her wagging tail she pulled it off the shelf by the charging cord.

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==> You can see other "O" letter posts by visiting Jenny's blog post, Alphabe- Thursday. My letter "O" portion of this post will be critiqued by Head Mistress Jenny. I always hope for a good grade.

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Now for my Thursday Two Questions.

My last post last week was about an "N" word group, the National Maritime Museum in Sidney, Australia.  My questions were about discrimination and travel.  A bunch of you have or are facing discrimination of sort.  Perhaps most all of us are--I'm an 'elderly person.' which is a cuss word for a senior citizen.

My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):.

1. When did you last--did you ever wash or wet something that doesn't tolerate getting in much water?
Not me, but my kids are always 'washing' their cell phones.  Like in the toilet, ship channel, or off the car bumper into a water puddle.
2. What  is the average life span for you camera?
I measure mine in years and months and also in the number of pictures it has taken..

Bonus Questions:  
1.  What did you say "OH!!!" about lately that is memorable? 
2.  What is your favorite "O" word?
. .
==>   My post is for Amanda at her Thursday Two Questions blog, Self Sagacity.

==>  Be sure to check out all of my posted New Zealand and Australia pictures. You can do that by clicking here (Our 2012-2013 New Zealand and Australia).

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"Oh!!" when I saw the photo of you and your nose - hope it doesn't hurt too much!

Nice *O* post!
1. Cell phone and it landed in the toilet too.

2. I don't have a camera and for a very good reason. I take awful pictures so hubby is the one with the cameras. His seems to be lasting for many years.

3. I said 'Oh' when I saw your picture. Yikes.

4. Ornery is my favorite 'O' word today, because that's how I'm feeling today. In a good sort of way though. The day should be filled with fun things.

Have a terrific day. ☺
Yeah, Jim. I've learned it really doesn't take much water to ruin cameras, cell phones, etc. I'm sure the washing you gave it was more than enough to do the trick.
It's so nice to know you can drown a camera and it may still work!
Favorite "Oh" story: I used to teach a programming class and taught my students the "Oh, S***" command. Some people call it "Undo."
I had a basal cell carsinoma removed from the top of my forehead, many years ago. I asked the doctor to spell it for me while I wrote it down. I knew I'd never remember the name of it to tell people. You poor thing! I hope you're not in pain.

I would say the "usual" thing that gets washed, and sometimes also makes it into the dryer is a tube of Chapstick! I have a habit of always carrying one in my pants pocket and sometimes to forget to take it out! Cold water doesn't hurt it, but if it's in the dryer very has to cool off...and then, Good As New! :)
OH OH! That camera is a goner. I find all kinds of crazy things in pockets when doing laundry. Most of the time I catch them pre washing, but every now and then something awful gets through. Like a large wad of white paper towels stuffed into a pair of black pants. An entire load of black leggings and black sweaters and jeans came o ut looking like they had a major dandruff problem. I had to wash them 5 times over to get them remotely wearable. But, had to say byebye to two favorite sweaters. (I wear a lot of black clothes.) Ugh. And of course, NO ONE in this house put those paper towels in their pants pockets. No. Sure. hah! Some one is going to be wearing pink BVD's soon!

Oh, dear! Don't you hate it when that happens!
I work for an ENT doctor! So I see lots of noses like yours at our office! Ouch! I like the post and hope your noses heals nicely. Have a great weekend!
I've had my Kodak for about 10 years and have no idea how many thousands of photos I have taken. I also have a pretty decent Nikon that bought for $100 a couple of years ago.

I said "OH!" a few weeks ago when I fell and dislocated my elbow. Actually, I said a lot more than just "OH."

As for the washer, we are both very careful about emptying pockets.
lol hate to laugh about your camera but I did get a giggle!
Dad, did not know you had the surgery, good luck with things
Oh no - You have had a bunch of o's. I am sorry about your nose - I have had a basil cell on my nose too. Sorry about your camera.

My favorite o word is - oce cream does that count?

Oh! I'm sorry about your nose, Jim-Oh! OH! We don't wash cameras;)
Hi Jim, I apologized but did not know that the link dropped your link. ugh...I think this happened to Judy before. So sorry my dear. It has happened recently and not ever before. If you don't mind I would like to feature your questions (your this week's or your next week's = up to you) on my blog next Thursday / wed pm. Let me know if you are okay with me doing so. thanks.
The cut sounds painful, I had my thumb and index finger cut to get rid of bad skin was minor and the other was major.
1) I haven't washed any cameras, though I washed paper money quite a few times. smiles.
2) Not long, they usually get stolen, yup. Or I will get tire of them, and lastly the technology just get too old to be any good / convenient.
Running terribly late from last week's Alphabe-Thursday link up. Great scott, you washed your camera up! But, you know I can see how easy that is to do. Those little point n' shoots fit so well in your pocket that you forget that they are there. We always try to put ours back into the camera bag when we're done taking pictures just so we won't make this sort of mistake. lol I hope you get a new one soon.

You know, I can't think of the last time I said, "OH!" over something shocking or alarming....wait...yes, I do remember. I exclaimed, "OH goodness!" when I learned DD#2 had the flu and pneumonia which landed her in the ER & then the hospital for 3 or 4 days. My favorite O word has to be oops because I make so many of them. =D

Great post!
So sorry to know about your camera, Dr Jim. Try burying it in uncooked rice for three days. The rice will absorb the moisture. Change the rice and bury it again for another three days. This method works for cell phones very well. Hope it does for your camera.
Oh Jim! Sorry about your noggin. I hope things are all mending now!

You can just tell people you're a boxer - ha!

It was definitely my cellphone. I put it into my mug of coffee in the car. D'oh. I like the tip about the rice. I've never heard of that.

Thanks for an outstanding link for the letter "O".


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