Wednesday, February 06, 2013

"Our" Old Hat -- Two Shoes Tuesday # 23[second] - Old

You are looking at "our" old hat. 

Please don't look at me, I just finished having a 'sun spot' removed from my nose and cheek.  I will be fine.

I don't know how old the hat is but when I first got hold of it was in 1978.  It was the year my niece, Barb, was married.  Our daughter, Karen, was four and she was the flower girl.

Karen made it up to the front of the church but then when she saw her Aunt Lois (my sister) she sat down beside her and there was no more flower girl.

When we were ready to leave the church no one was there except Lois's, my parents, and our family.  This hat was hanging on a coat hook and I asked Lois about it. She said it had been there for a couple of years.

I took it over to her house when we left.  I hung it on her hall tree and promptly forgot about it.  The next time she came Houston way she brought it down to me.  I really didn't want it but I had it.

So the next time we went up to see her in Iowa I brought it back up and left it in her house without telling her.  From that time one for several years we had the game of "bring the hat and hide it in your house."  That is why I am calling it "our" old hat.
I have had in now for several years without trying to get it back to her.  But I will.  Just have to be clever about it. 

By the way, it suffered these moth holes from being in her basement too long.

These hats pictured above are three of the oldest hats in our house.   On the left is a hat that Dad sometimes wore in the nursing home.  It says "Sugar Daddy."  I don't know why he wore such a tattered had when he had some really nice ones.

In the middle is the moth eaten hat that Lois and I take turns having in our homes.  Then on the right is my old golfing straw hat for summer golf.  It was wet from a rain and lost its form so I had to get another.

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I think this post is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the idea about leaving the hat and then bringing it back - I heard some people do that with a shirt. A kind of endearing thing. Maybe I will do that when I visit my son. lol. Hope your skin spots are all okay - look likes you got punched! sandie
We have some friends that we are always giving a large basket to. For birthdays and christmas. It's been fun loading up the basket with goodies and then getting it back later. I love the hat thing just as much. How fun.

Have a terrific day. ☺
I just loved this post Jim! Old hats are treasures, they carry the character of the one they belong to! I'd love to have a couple that my dad used to wear! Papa Bear wears dad's jacket and robe, and I love seeing him in them. Passing the hat back and forth between your sister is great fun! I had a game going like that with my daughter for a couple years, a stuffed toy ferret that appeared in cereal boxes, inside toilet paper rolls, shoes, pockets, coffee cups! One never knew where it would turn up next! :-) I bet your dad loved being the "Sugar Daddy" of the home! :-) Sorry about your not-so-fun trip to the skin dr, Papa Bear has to endure that twice a year as well, but it's important, we want you both to stay around a long, long time! Thank you so much for sharing this great story, love your old hats, moth holes and all! :-)
You have described here the life and humor of a loving family when the most absurd jokes are played, sayings repeated and the joy of being together shines through. A great post indeed.
HaHa! The game of "bring the hat and hide it in your house" is so fun and original, Dr Jim :)
I like your take on being old! And I suddenly want to buy a fedora!

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