Tuesday, February 12, 2013

-- Two Shoes Tuesday # 24 - Inspiration / A Quiz (of sorts)

My daily schedule involves the TV always being on while I am awake.
No, watching TV IS NOT my inspiration.  But I need want your help.  I do hope this picture will be inspiration for you, my readers, to help me to remember part of what I did watch the day I took the picture. 
Perhaps even you saw this on your TV.  If so, AND if you can remember better than I can, you can be the standard for the other's answers.  Please don't spill the bean's though.  SO, if you saw it and YOU KNOW the answer, please leave me your answer here in confidence.  After the quiz (??) is over I will publish your comment along with the others and give you credit here.
I need want to remember the QUESTION ASKED on a recent F A M I L Y .. F E U D program. It will be in one of these formats (total answers only shown for two or more giving the same answer, so these above will not total 100):
(please be a sport and leave a guess even if you don't have even a clue.  Thanks.)
"One hundred women were asked (the question that I forgot); or
"One hundred men were asked (the question that I forgot); or
"One hundred people were asked (the question that I forgot).
Your turn, what was asked that day on my program.
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The writing prompt this (as chosen by Kristina Perez) week for February 12, 2013, is "inspiration". For a list of and links to those participating, go here.

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Haven't a clue as I don't watch stuff like this. Okay, I watch one hour of television a day when we are home. The original Hawaii Five-O is what we are watching on Netflix right now. No commercials. Just the show and then off the television goes.

Have a fantastic day. ☺
This was fun, smoke was rising off my head as I tried to think what all these people have in common. I've submitted my best guess, but I'm pretty sure it's not the winning answer, eager to find out what is! :-) I'm glad you were inspired to give us a bit of fun today!
I'm publishing Josie's now, she sent it to my confidential comment box. It is a good guess but I am not sure it is right. So guys, keep on with the ideas you come up with.

Her entry:
One hundred women were asked who their husband/boyfriend was most likely to tell about his lovelife woes. :-)
I'll tell you this - it is recorded here - and we went last summer to see it! lol sandie
I never watch these shows either, but the question is asked of a man who has a personal concern that may cause him to have made an error of judgement. That a celebrity is in the mix makes it more difficult and only improves Josie's answer. The man must have forgotten that it is Valentines Day and is caught speeding to shops, is caught after being involved in a minor accident, sees his doctor, calls into work to say he can's make it, still makes it to the Gym and commiserates with his friends at the bar. No body cares a hoot except the barman who has got to stay where he is. No, I haven't got a clue!
I love that show.
HaHa! Sorry, Dr Jim. We don't watch this show over here. The TV is seldom switched on at home :)
no clue... but would love to know myself!
Jim, sorry I can't tell you what day Family Feud was on since I never watch it, but I can answer the question you posed to me about Mona Lisa. It accompanies a post I wrote in error, thinking that this week's letter was "N" for Alphabe-Thursday. I posted it and then realized my error. By that time, I was already receiving comments, so I left it up. When you read my "N" post, you will see the significance of Mona Lisa.

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