Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Don't get __________ / Two Shoes Tuesday # 27 -- Sacrifice

I suppose I should fill in the (Don't get) blank above in my title.  It could be "in a hurry."  Or better, "upset because duty called."  Really it should be "upset because I was careless in letting this get posted blank."
It was blank because I put on the title only and then had to SACRIFICE MY writing this blog anymore and go eat at Luby's Cafeteria with my Sunday school class buddies.

Finally I am back. We stopped at a couple of stores after eating, and I am ready to write now.
The writing prompt for Tuesday, March 5th is "sacrifice."
I didn't have a good clue as to what to write.  Since it is Easter time I feel tugged at to write of the SACRIFICE Jesus made when almost 2000 years ago he allowed himself to be killed for our sake. 
Many of our soldiers have SACRIFICED their lives so that we might continue to be free.  Or SACRIFICED their lives so that their buddies might be rescued and live.
As Jesus was perfect because He is God, He gave his life as a PERFECT SACRIFICE to God for the sins of all mankind, us.  God required a perfect animal to be sacrificed for our sins to be pardoned but just as there is no perfect man there is no perfect animal.
This perfect SACRIFICE Jesus gave in our place so that we might not be condemned eternally living in Hell's burning pit after we die here.  Like the troops did in giving their lives so that others might live, Jesus gave his life as a SACRIFICE to God that we might live eternally with God in Heaven, in His good graces regardless of our sins which other wise would require eternal condemnation to Hell.
This pardon that God will give us is ours for the asking.  We must believe that this is possible and that Jesus arose from his grave, ascended into Heaven, and now petitions God to forgive our sins. 
Why would God forgive our sins and pardon us? 
Because Jesus paid God's price for those sins and He is recommending us.  He recommends us because we have prayed to Him that we are sorry for our sin, that we now believe he is our Lord who can save us, and that we are asking Him to do it.
Why would Jesus give his life as a SACRIFICE for us?  Because He LOVES us, God loves us, he made us.  For an online of this process, you might want to go here.
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Two Shoes Tuesday is a place for bloggers to share what we enjoy doing most... writing! Each week Josie provides a one-word writing prompt and invite us to share a short story, poem, essay, thought, or photo relating to that topic.

The writing prompt this week for March 5, 2013, is "sacrifice". For a list of and links to those participating, go here

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Okay, so that's the prompt. Many things come to mind for sacrifice.

Have a terrific day Jim. ☺
Ti sacrifice you must love others more than you love yourself. sandie
True ... Jesus loved us and for us he sacrificed his life !!!
When it finally sinks in that Jesus gave up his life for humankind in such an act of absolute love surely the message will sink in. Sadly taking rather than giving is still the norm. All we can do is continue to pass the message on and try to be examples ourselves. A timely post Jim.
This is a beautiful post Jim, there is no more powerful sacrifice than the one Jesus made for us, and I think such reminders are always timely. Speaking of which, it is stil Tuesday in my part of the world at least, unless you are off and travelling again! :-)

I also chuckled at you pre-posting your title in error. I've hit post by accident so many times when I have begun drafting a post and want to save it. It made me smile when I saw it because I knew you'd been mulling over an idea for the prompt! Since yours appeared first on the Mr. Linky, you have the option to choose next week's prompt if you'd like to! :-)
A very nice post all around.
Jim, your comments about the troops hit home for me. I am the wife of a pastor as well, so this seems like exactly the time of year one would look at Jesus' sacrifice. I'm in awe of the contemporary parallels in his death: He was a political prisoner, executed by the State. That alone makes him a figure we can relate to in any age.

Peace, Amy (found you at Josie's prompt)
an interesting read. A lot of people have sacrificed their lives so that we have the privilege to write what we believe.
I used to belong to a bowling team. Hubby has a golf league. His team won last year, pretty good for a bunch of old guys. lol
You are so right about the sacrifices made by God, Jesus, and the soldiers.

The ultimate sacrifice by our Lord, Dr Jim :) Praise Him!

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