Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's Here! — Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words:
My New Camera Finally Got Here!!!

Here are some of the first couple of day's pictures with the camera.  Mrs. Jim has honors with the first picture taken, and now posted to my blog.  I missed having a camera while this one was coming but finally it came.  Remember (link scroll down to the Two Quetions part) that I washed my old one because I didn't check front pants pockets when I did my clothes washing.

The new camera is another Sony pocket camera, this time a Sony DSC-WX50, a 2012 model.  Being a 2012 model means reduced price.  It was listed at $199.99 but I doubt many were sold at that price.  My price was $107.95 from an associate supplier, Roberts LP.  Not being from Amazon itself eliminated $6.80. T e x a s . sales tax.
So far I am fairly satisfied with the camera's operation.  I don't like the 'in camera' battery charging set up but then we already have here two Sony external battery chargers from other cameras.  The packaging was the worst I have ever had come through the mail, there was NO INSIDE PACKING to stop the camera box from rattling around inside a larger box. And the twilight picture had a lot of round light spots, I don't know where they came from.
Mrs. Jim and Katrin here are scrounging in the refrigerator for us some leftovers for lunch.  Mrs. Jim did well with these left over from our Tuesday evening domino group dinner. 

Next comes a back yard picture followed by two side yard pictures.  The golf course is dried grass mostly yet due to a late heavy frost.

You can click on any picture to make it larger.

The side yard pictures below are of the back porch and the greenery on the property line.  The right hand picture shows the red bud tree pretty good.


Here is a front yard picture.  The ornamental pear trees in front are starting to bloom. 

The holly tree in front here has its berries starting to fade.  They soon will drop and the birds will pick them up for us.

Below is a before and after picture of Katrin.  She had a trip to the groomer today.  I can get three haircuts for the price of one for Katrin.  But then mine last three times longer so we come out about even.



She gets pretty shaggy between her cuttings.  Mrs Jim will trim some in between times, especially around her eyes.  While Katrin was getting her cut Mrs. Jim and I played a round of golf.   Neither of us were up to our usual so so game as each of us for differing reasons had not played for a couple of weeks.


Here are a couple of trial pictures.  At left is my twilight shot of the moon.  The Moon is not any of the round items as it was a sliver moon.  It is the small dot, second from the top of the slanting upward four above and right of the tree.  My drowned camera would not take pictures of the moon.

At left is a trial of the zoom function.  I was sitting beside Mrs. Jim, top picture here, and the chair was thirty feet away in the living room.  I think it did pretty good.  This camera zooms five times with the lens and five more digitally after the lens is fully extended.

The green on Katrin's head is a St. Patrick's Day
ribbon that the groomers put on her.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!
(be sure to wear green tomorrow
so that you don't get pinched.)

Sony DSC-WX50 Camera (link)

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX50
16.2 MP Digital Camera
with 5x Optical Zoom and
2.7-inch LCD (Black)
(2012 Model)

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What a huge part of our lives computers have become, Jim. There's your missus at the keyboard, first shot up! Looks like the camera's going to be a great new toy. Enjoyed looking around yours.
I can imagine you missed your camera! I carry mine often as well! Love the photos you took so far :)
Enjoy your new camera!!
I usually moan about too much packaging. In your case, I would complain about too little! Your "yard" = garden to us Brits - looks enormous. However long does it take you to mow? Are you sure you didn't put in pictures of the golf course by mistake?
Well, we've certainly come a lomg way from the Brownie automatic reflex, eh?

Now, if you can just keep this one out of the appliances...
Love the photos! Your backyard is lovely—I love all the open space. I wish I had that here in the city.

Enjoy your new camera. ☺
And your Mrs Jim is a good-looking woman, cute doggie too. Happy SWS friend. Have a happy snappy time this weekend.
Hubby loves his pocket camera. It goes with us on all of walks! Have fun!
Wow, thanks for sharing your wife and dog and outstanding yard, and especially NO SNOW Very cool post!
congrats on your new camera! I enjoyed looking at all your pics- love the moon shot ! Have a great weekend!
that camera takes really good pictures... or you are a really good editor!!!!
Love the pics of Mrs. Jim and that very cute poodle!!
Hope you have a good week... and I do certainly miss seeing you on Two Shoes Tuesday ... you can always join up with my Thursdays Pondering with a Purpose...
These are wonderful photos, Jim. I think you are going to love your new camera! Mrs. Jim is sooo pretty, as is little Katrin after her visit to the beauty parlor! I loved your comment about the cost of your haircuts compared to ours. Papa Bear has been known to comment on the contents of our grocery cart having more items for the cats than it does for our own table! :-)
Enjoy your new camera. I know you'll have lots of fun with it.

I liked your leftover lunch too. Now I'm hungry.

Have a terrific day Jim. My best to Mrs. Jim. :)
Oh, how exciting! Nice pictures!
Great pictures! Can't wait to see what you snap in the future!
Great photos. Have fun with your new camera!
Oh I really enjoyed that look around your home and seeing Mrs Jim and Katrin.
I loved seeing the before and after photos of Katrin,I liked her fur before the haircut but I must admit she looked super cool afterwards and the green bow in her hair just made it!
Your back first I thought it just couldn't be's huge!!I need a garden like that!
The camera looks great,I cringed when I heard what you had done with the first camera because that is something I would so do!I have washed my beloved earphones before,lucky they did still work...and for that I was 'very' grateful!I would like a new camera and hang over a Nikon...must start to save those shiny pennies!
Keep snapping,I look forward to seeing some more good shots,could you do some of your neighbourhood,I would love to see what it's like around your house after seeing your back Jess x
The twilight shot of the moon is so nice, Dr Jim :)

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