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More golfing? — My Alphabe-Thursday (2nd), the letter "U" / Thursday Two Questions —

"U" is for Ugly Hole.  I learned that name from a friend this Tuesday at golf so today I will be talking about golf course holes.

Why are these holes Ugly?  We played 'scramble' golf yesterday with three teams of four players in each.

According to my friend, a hole is Ugly if the group cannot make par for that hole.  Although our group won, we did not make par for these two holes pictured.

The top picture is of hole # 9 on the Westwood Golf Club course in Conroe, Texas.

It was our first hole to not make par, we made one shot over, a bogey.  The second picture, here on the bottom is hole #11 which we also bogeyed.

We were fortunate to have made five birdies (one under par) so we could net three under par to win for this day's play.

Besides playing golf we had some excitement also.  A dead tree which died because of our drought last year fell.  The large old tree fell straight down, crashing through smaller trees and undergrowth below it. That was an Ugly situation

We heard the noise first and then saw the tree falling. There would have been no time for us to run from the falling timber had we been beneath it.

Speaking of dead trees, see the picture on the right. (read about this Arkansas Exxon Oil spill tar sands disaster 
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"Definition: A bogey is a score of 1-over par on any individual hole on a golf course. Golf holes are typically rated as par 3, par 4 or par 5, so making a bogey means:
  • Scoring 4 on a par-3 hole
  • Scoring 5 on a par-4 hole
  • Scoring 6 on a par-5 hole
When "bogey" first entered the golf lexicon, in the late 1890s, it had a different meaning, more akin to today's "par." See the FAQ, Origin of the term "bogey".
Common Misspellings: Bogie" 
(see also
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==> You can see other "U" letter posts by visiting Jenny's blog post, Alphabe- Thursday. My letter "U" portion of this post will be critiqued by Head Mistress Jenny. I always hope for a good grade from her.
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Now for my Thursday Two Questions.

My post last week was about the "T" word Tree.   I failed to give you the official link for Tree Huggers.  It is  I subscribe (free) to their newsletter and updates.

My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):.

1. What is your relationship with golfing vocabulary?

2. What do you think about being away from your spouse or other for five or six hours to go off and play golf or do other activities?
For me it is okay.  Mrs. Jim plays golf with her lady on Tuesdays and Fridays, plays bridge with two different groups twice monthly (total four), and attends the ladies' luncheon each month at church. 
She also does a lot of work without me for the local Family Promise as she is a board member and treasurer for them.  I give her moral support for that and sometimes we collaborate on how to make her Quickbooks work for her.
Bonus Question:

1. What is your favorite "U" word?
==>  My Questions here are for Amanda at her Thursday Two Questions blog, Self Sagacity. Please visit her there for her questions and links to other partakers of her fun blogging idea.

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1. I have no relationship with golf at all. I tried it once and didn't like it so I never went back.

2. If hubby wanted to play I wouldn't have a problem with it one bit, but he doesn't like golf either.

3. Unique is my favorite 'U' word today.

Have a terrific day. ☺
That is scary to have the tree fall so close. I have never played golf other than a video game. Just don't have the vision for it. At least the video game helped me get some of the golf terms.
I am glad the tree didn't get you! As a registered nurse, I was on call one time when a tree did land on a man in his golf cart.
I would love hubby to go out and play a round of golf. He loves it but won't go! Sandie
Thank you for the comment in my blog. I'm not so against the illegals either but it is the coyotes who run trucks into rancher's fences and there is no collecting from them. Not the first time for us. John has hired them often in years past. Even helped some get their papers and helped them to write home etc. but the fines are too high now and he doesn't have the work now as he gave up all leased ranches except one with about thirty cows. Hope to read more of your blogs. Paula in south Texas
UGH you had two Uglies in one day! : )
Here it's the "Costa del Golf" but (strangely!) haven't got around yet to playing!

Have come across numerous "uglies" in my travels around the world (fruit etc) but not on the golf course!

Interesting post, Jim!
I don't play golf - and if I did, I think the entire game would be ugly!! I do like mini golf though, but I'm a bit of a cheater! :) It helps if you're the one holding the score card! ;) So glad you weren't near the tree when it fell!
I am a golf fanatic! I play every chance I get! Fortunately, my boy friend also loves golf so we play together...

I call those holes "card destroyers"...

I love golfing words, I would like to learn and my fav u word is ubiquitous
1) Illiterate in golfing vocabulary. I could use to learn more. There are just so many other things we rather do right now, and can't get to them fast enough.
2) I am getting use to my SO being away for so long at work everyday. I think if he was golfing, I would miss not being there, or upset that he is not doing the chores on the honey do list. I rather that he picked an activity that I too can join. Right now we have Trinity and everything we do has to be Trinity friendly, so that saves a lot of fights I am sure. :-)
Glad you are able to go and play golf with your pals. Sounds like you have some apart time from Mrs.Jim, and you both are very active...I want to be that way when I am retired.
I'm glad you weren't under the tree when it fell. That would have been very UGLY!
I have no relationship with golf whatsoever. Furthermore, I have never understood those who do, present company excepted. I hope we can remain friends.

My favorite "U" words are ubiquitous, unilateral, and Unadilla (a town in Dooly County, Georgia).
Those are some UGLY Uglies!
glad the tree was not near you! yikes!

1. I don't golf. (My husband does.) Mostly I hear expletives or some derivation thereof! (just kidding!) (well, sort of)
2. Getting away can be very healthy and refreshing. We don't always do (or like to do) exactly the same things.

I don't know if I have a favorite U word. I do like the word umbrage which I wrote about for the last round of Alphabe-Thursday.

Thanks for the compliments on my blog!
I'm so clueless about golf, but I would honestly love to learn and play someday , just to have the experience.

2. I don't mind being away from my spouse. Everyone needs their own space.

U is for Universal love :)

Happy Sunday!
Fortunately no one was near the fallen tree, Dr Jim :)

My golf vocabulary is zero.
Unique is my favourite U letter word.
If all four members failed to make a par on a hole, it sure would be marked “Ugly.” Anyway, five birdies in a row was certainly a good play. Your team might have been playing together for some time now. Am I right? 'Cos in Scramble golf, the lineup of the players is really important. My brother has always wanted to be Player A since that would mean he's the more accurate driver. Very silly 'cos he isn't. XD


There is a golfing vocabulary?


Fore?" Four?"

Okay. Yeah. I guess that answered your question.

One of my Uncles was killed by a tree that fell exactly like that. My Aunt was working in her kitchen and he didn't come back from his walk in the woods. Yikes. At least they said it was quick!

Thanks for a unique link this week Jim! Sorry I can't impress with you with more golf words! ha!



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