Saturday, May 11, 2013

— Six Word Saturday — A Random Five post [002], This and That

my Six Words:
Recycling this blog — short on time
1.  We had a visit to Baton Rouge to visit with Mrs. Jim's Aunt Mary.  I always like visiting there and the drive is a pleasant five hours or so, three through the country and then two on I-45. 

This church bench holding Mary and Mrs. Jim is for sale.  We didn't inquire about the price.  But it will sell fast because is one of a few from the old downtown Baptist church.


2.  Sometimes Mrs. Jim and I play golf together on Tuesdays.  On this day we found this large nest up in the tree.  We have no idea what kind of bird may have made it.  I always imagine with these large nests that it is an eagle's nest.  We do have eagles around here.
3.  I make a pretty good lunch and it is time I posted a picture of one.  This shrimp, shaved carrot, olive, onion, and lettuce salad was nice and yummy.  I was going to mix these two dressings, the shrimp read sauce with the Girard's Greek oil and vinegar. 

But instead I dipped a few shrimp in the sauce and put the Greek dressing on the salad.  A tasting showed that the shrimp sauce overwhelmed any semblance of being Greek whatsoever.
4. Are hood ornaments coming back?  This winged pig was on a late model Cadillac's front.
5. Don't forget that May is Hamburger Month.  We used one of our Beck's Prime hamburger buy one/get one free coupons.  The cheeseburger seemed to be the best I have ever had.  Was it because I was hungry?  We each cut ours in half and so we had another meal for the next day.
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Sorry about having to recycle this blog.  But it is good stuff to know about me. 
Does that make things better?

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The sunrise is so beautiful, Dr Jim :)
Man you made me hungry! Late getting my Friday 5 post up, but it's there now. Wasn't sure I understood what you meant about pulling yours? Have a fabulous wkend.!
Sandy's Space
the burger looks yummy. have a great weekend. ( :
That does look like a two meal burger!!
Well, it's all new to me Jim so I'm lovin' it.

I would have been interested in the church pew -- a neat piece of history.

Thanks so much for joining in at R5F. Have a wonderful weekend.
Between the lunch pic and then the hamburger I am getting hungry...not sure if I should try either one for breakfast though, ha ha ....Have a good weekend!
Hi, I'm new to the six word sat :) Your post made me both hungry and want to go on vacation, lol. Have a nice weekend!
Your posts are always filled with so much 'life'. Love reading them every Saturday friend. Have a great weekend.
I enjoy your posts, too. You are always so interesting!
Well that bench is long gone, Jim, but it's a lovely photo. :)
I'll take the salad rather than the burger, it looks divine. The burger looks like it would require me to take a two hour walk after eating it
Jim, I don't have an email for you, so...thanks for the trucking song on my blog. I am familiar with it, and love it. Bill is a guitarist (50+ years, very talented). We love music, especially (real) Country (& old, classic rock). Thank you! Hug.
McGuffy Ann
Both the salad and the burger look yummy. I would have thought the mixture of the sauce and the dressing would have worked out. And I liked the picture of the church pew, too.
gosh- I would have snapped up that bench! I bet the nest is an eagles nest and I'll be right over for that shrimp salad! Yummy!
Have a grand weekend!
Is that 5 hours each way? Makes me realise what a big country you live in. That salad looks good.
That nest does look like an Eagles nest. That burger looks yummy! (OLW ((last week)) means One Little Word. It is where you identify a word that sums up what you want for yourself for the coming year. My word for this is year is change.) Thanks for asking and I hope you are busy doing fun things!
Some delightful thises and thats! To me, Baton Rouge sounds so romantic and legendary - that's where Janis Joplin was 'busted flat' for instance, 'waiting for a train'. :)
Morning Jim,I loved that blog!We gasped at the mentions of eagles,round here we have pigeons,sparrows,blackbirds,doves but definitely no eagles!
The food looks delicious,you are quite the chef it seems,lucky Mrs Jim!The drive sounded interesting and as always I loved the photos and hearing about life down your way.
Wishing you and Mrs Jim a fab week,lv Jess
Looks like you had a good weekend. It would be nice to have a cool bench like that. I'm impressed by the size of the nest in that tree. I must say, the hood ornament gave me a smile.

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