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Six Word Saturday — A Random Five post [004], This and That —

my Six Words:
enjoying these Friday meme blog posts
[plus keeps family, relatives, freinds, up-to-date]

Now start the 'this and that' which I ran Friday:

1. Spring has matured here.


I don't know what kind of flowers these are.  Mrs. Jim planted them in our side yard several years back from a pot that we had been given.  It might have been from a funeral, my dad's, her mom's, or a relative. 

??? Neither of us can remember what they are or where they came from.

Our weather lady confirms a mature spring here.  Tuesday's golf next week will be a high of 91 with a low of 73 in the morning.  That means very pleasant again.

Update.  My friend Dot, who reads my blog from my FaceBook post, told me that these are Ginger plants, the herb.  I did some checking and yes, she is right, they are ginger plants.  (link 1)(link 2)

2. The men from Mrs. Jim's Sundays school class played golf at Cape Royale on Tuesday this week. They always ask me to play.

This is a pretty course but not really fully developed. It borders on Lake Livingston on the north and is close to the town of Coldspring, Texas, on the South.  The lawyer advertising on the # 10 tee box is from Pointblank, Texas.

You can barely see the lake in the distance in the picture below.  And the little pond.  It approaches the 9th green, and yes, I lost a ball in it.  The ducks thought we might feed them.

The drive home was nice, but a little warm for 'top-down' driving. I did turn around and go back to catch a picture of these miniature horses grazing in a pretty tree spotted pasture.

Then I got this picture of some Main Street businesses in Willis, Texas. I like to shop at this old-timey hardware store. They even have a deli and sell meat.

Since I had only eaten two no-fat saltine cracker peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, I made a nice brat dog to satisfy my hunger pangs.  Lunch at the pro-shop snack bar was a special for the day, chicken salad sandwich.  Probably that was healthier.  The other $8.00 special was a cheeseburger, chips (crisps for the Brits), and a soda fountain drink.

3. Yesterday [Thursday, May 23]  was National Turtle Day.  On this World Turtle Day, Jaymi looked at 11 Critically endangered turtle species.

This turtle was found by Adi on one of our walks through the subdivision.  Since the turtle was close to the little pond I didn't take it back.  I do that a lot when they stray away from the ponds, especially if they get onto the road.
Adi was a very good dog (link)


4.  On Wednesday last week Mrs. Jim had the book club meeting at our home. This was her hors d'oeuvre table, set in our breakfast room.  The table was giving to my parents by Grandpa when they returned from their honeymoon.

So that was a good day for me to get a haircut.  On my long way home I detoured over through Montgomery and visited a couple of antique stores.

This nice 1957 Triumph TR2 (could have been TR3, I can't remember) was parked in front of the real estate office.  The owner was moving here from Oregon.  He told me that is the only know TR2 remaining from a few made especially for road course track automobile racing.

The white building is one of our Montgomery County Museums.  The building across the street from the car is one of the antique stores I visited.  I did find a metal toy Triumph TR3 racing car for sale in a box of other stuff. 


5. Finally, for the last, we visited out of town for the weekend.

When we go to Louisiana I like to eat Louisiana seafood.  Granny's in Bastrop, Louisiana, was having their Saturday night all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. 

My first helping here was a small bowl of seafood gumbo, a dish of fried oysters (some were missing as I had passed it around when we sat down), fried catfish, boiled shrimp, a stuffed crab, some breaded fried shrimp, a fried frog leg, and some white seafood pasta with white sauce.

We stayed with Mrs. Jim's sister, Velma and hubby.  They have lived almost forever in Farmerville, La, north of Rustin.  This is their house shown flying the Christian flag that was given to the members of their church.

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It looks like you had a fun, active week Jim! Love the photos and the narrative, it makes me smile to see people enjoying themselves and their life! Mrs. Jim's table looks so pretty for her book club! What a nice place to play golf! Our golf course here is definitely needing trees... oh, and grass! :-)
This is a wonderful fun and facts..I didn't know there was a Turtle Day and I feel bad for that...
What? No crawdads in Louisiana? :)
Ohhh your dog...we had a beagle... !!
And that brat looks yummy!!
There were crawfish, boiled with corn and potatoes and seasoning.
They were not on the buffet. Rather they were sold by the bucket.
I cannot tell a lie, I got stuck on all the food. I've not eaten yet today and I'm hungry. I especially want that seafood. Yummy.

Have a terrific day. :)
Wow! You had a very fantastic week together with Mrs Jim, Dr Jim :) The flowers are very lovely.
Jim they are pretty flowers - no matter what they are. And 91 degrees! Wow - hope y'all have a swimming pool. sandie
Looks like a great week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too. :)
What a busy but happy sounding week -- I particularly loved the turtle picture, and so did my kids. We've been seeing them alot around here lately (NJ) and always rescue them from the road when we can. Oh, and Mrs. Jim sets a beautiful cheery and delish looking :)

Have a great weekend!
I need to join Mrs Jims book club! Will you pass on to her that I think her table looked wonderful,lucky book club people x
You mean you didn't feed those ducks, Jim? Ah well, so long as you're kind to turtles. :)
I didn't know we had a National Turtle Day, but I'm glad I know now! We love turtles, and do the same - rescue them if on the road, and release them somewhere further from pavement and cars, but leave them when they're laying eggs.

My husband & I visited Louisiana for the first time a couple of years ago. The food was a big part of the trip!! I started posting on it here:
And I also posted about our stay on Grand Isle.
But have yet to complete my favorite part - the plantation mansions.

What an interesting post. Loved the table cloth and never knew there was a turtle day.

Dropping by from 6WS
Have a great weekend! Enjoy!
Active week! I'm not much for golf, but I do enjoy ducks and turtles! Happy National Turtle Day? Is that real, or made up? Cool, Triumph! I see alot of them driving around my neighborhood, where a classic car shop is located, also ferrari's and a 1970's Lamborghini! It's a cool place, I like to look at antiques. Active week, looks like you had fun! : )

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