Friday, June 07, 2013

Danny's Cat -- Feline Friday


Watch Cat

This my BIL's cat who lives in Tennessee.  Danny doesn't have
any dogs and his cats aren't used to having a dog around.

Of course both Katrin and Adi were wanting to be with us.
I took this shot while we and the dogs were watching TV.

The cat was watching us.
[click the picture for large sized]

I'm linked with Sandee for this today, go see her cat. 
She and others have a Mr. Linky going.

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I really like this! Beautiful!
I can see this happening and the cat is wondering when these dogs are going to leave his home. Too cute. What an expression too.

Have a terrific Feline Friday. ☺
cool! g-)
I'd let him guard my house!

Sorry to be so late around this week. I didn't even write my own SY entry until Wednesday. Some hostess. :D
It truly amazes me how cats can get everywhere and squeeze through things - yet dogs can't. sandie
Haha! that cat is not watching TV but the dogs :-)
oh poor kitty...did a dog intrude on her poeaceful soliude?
have a grand weekend! Now I'll go read your other 2 posts!
I had a cat that would sit on anything high up. Not because of dogd...just because she liked to be above everything.
Hmmm...that should be dogs...must learn to proof before clocking.
The stately Bat Cat watching for evil above Gotham City.

Have a great weekend!

I love the expression on this beautiful kitty's face - pure consternation. I'm pretty sure it wasn't exactly thrilled with the canine intruders, but I'll bet things returned nicely to normal after they departed... and it checked every corner and closet to make sure they weren't lurking in wait! Great photo Jim, too cute!
The cat has very lovely eyes, Dr Jim :)

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