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My aging process — Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words:
How does it feel?  Getting old
Sign found at Troon, .. . .. .
Ayreshire, Scotland .. . . . .
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How does one become aware when he or she is getting old? For me it was gradual. I was back in college and the banks had special life-time no-fee account for college kids. They must be under 30.

Why not 35? That bothered me but one day they did change to 35. But by then I was over 35 (still in college, when I went back I spent eleven years going to night school for three degrees). Getting old.

If you went to college back when I did there were long lines of us out amongst the trees waiting for our turn to pull class cards. Our lines were arranged by alphabetical order.

This particular time when I was given my class cards one of the young ladies whom I considered my contemporary and would like sit somewhere near in class surprised me. She addressed me as "Sir." Getting old.

Those eleven years and three degrees were a signal that I should stop taking classes. I did vow to take a Shakespeare Literature class but haven't done that yet. I soon began to teach a Business Law evening class at the community college where I got the first of those three degrees. In about three years I was offered a professor job there, teaching a full load.

One of my classroom innovations was to move around to the front of the teacher desk and sit up on it so students on their way out could stop and talk, make an office appointment, perhaps give me a thumbs up, or whatever.

I don't know if it was a conspiracy or not, but it all happened at one time, like when I was still in school they called me "Sir." The students began patting my leg. Getting old.

Now, I get patted a lot. The patting is mostly done by women but a few men pat me. Shoulders or when sitting my legs are their favorites.

Last week I went to see my dermatologist about some sores and rashes that I could not get rid of. One of of those involved a drop-your-drawers-so-I-can-see episode. I thought his nurse might leave but she stayed busy over by the lavatory.

After my doctor was finished and gave me a new prescription (and my pants were back up) I saw the nurse throwing away my older prescription tube of medicine.

I said to her, "You are throwing my medicine away." She smartly said, "It says 1999 on the tube." End of that. But on the way out, she gave me the nicest pat I have had for a long time. Getting old.

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Ha ha ha...sorry...getting older isn't so bad, right? {{patting your shoulder}} *grin* Stopping by from 6WS
It happens. I think what we need to change is out perception of aging. What's so great about the ignorance and brashness of youth? What is wrong with becoming more established, secure, and wiser?
I've been called ma'am a few times. It always makes me cringe.

Have a happy Saturday. ☺
Jim this is sweet, but you haven't even started on the road to getting old! Thanks for the hugs.
Ah well, it's better than the alternative :)
Yep, but we're still on the right side of the grass.

Have a terrific day. ☺
You are funny - I guess getting old technically is a part of life - but pats and being called sir - that's good isn't it? Lol You think young - you are young. sandie
You're only as young as you feel? Here's a pat on the shoulder ;)

In my job search I am worried that my 26 years experience is a red flag for potential employees who want to hire people with less experience that would cost less money to pay. Is that a sign that I am getting old, at 49?

My 6ws is here:

Don't let it get the best of you ... consider yourself a wealth of knowledge, experience and inspiration for many!! Visiting from 6WS
Oh how well I know this feeling! I work with five other people all who are twenty-five or more years younger than me, and many days I feel old, slow, and senile. If I go to a restaurant alone, the waitresses call me "sweetie" and "dearie" and I'm pretty sure that if I look in the mirror my hair must have a tinge of lavender or blue like my grandmother's did in her 70's. It was only when the office across the hall hired a p/t employee near my age that I felt like I actually had a conversation on equal par, it was so refreshing! Truth is, we all age, it's the natural order of things and I'm ok with that, we just live in a society that tries to block or ignore that reality.
Your spirit still sounds very young and vibrant! I know I am getting old because for the last year or so shop assistants have taken to addressing me as 'darling'. I love it!
One of the hairs on my arm is white. I'm not sure why? I'm only in my early twenties. "Getting old" That's cool that you got three degrees. I'm trying to do the same thing, since I have so many interest. I was going to try and get a degree and take all of the classes that i'm interested in. Since there is no time limit to earning a degree. You can take as many classes and as much time as you want! : )
'Growing old isn't for sissies'. I became aware of aging in the past few years- more than ever before- but generally it doesn't bother me- only when I 'creak' in the morning!! My art is in my etsy shop - pop over and have a peep- also in some galleries and shops here in London- Yay.
All of us are growing old gracefully, Dr Jim :)
Hi Jim :-) *big waves over from me* I have had such a hetic week Iam only now visiting SWS! I think I posted my last weeks SWS and then took Chips to the park and came back and realised that with work commitments I was going to have to keep my head down and keep away from the lappy!
Your comment on my post about Chips climbing really made sense to me and I think you are right about taking him and keeping near the younger kids.
About getting older....Iam now teaching the kids of the kids thst I originally taught! Now that does make me sound old! :-)

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