Friday, July 26, 2013

Some Cats are sculpted -- Feline Friday

This one is my creation from Play-Doh

KP and I were playing with the Play-Doh and I couldn't resist making this cat.  I am not artistic (neither can I sing, at least I've been dis-invited to a church choir). So kudos are not in order.
It started out to be a pig.  That is why the curly tail.  But that tail didn't mean much to KP and she thought of all kinds of animals it could be. 
So today it is a FELINE for the Friday Cat Day posting.
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Oh, what big eyes you have, Miss Kitty! Artistic or not, you created quite the cat ... who's to say what art is, if not the beholder. Very cool, colorful cat!

Andrea @ From The Sol
Ooh I do love play doh- the colours and the feel of it. I become a kid again.
I think this is very clever Jim. Too cute and I'll be KP got a kick out of this too.

Have a terrific Feline Friday. ☺
I love it heheh! especially those green eyes and pink body ;-)

Have a dohtastic weekend
I love it, Mr. Jim! Now that is art!! Hugs.
That's pretty good. My daughter has been quite creative with the play doh lately too. Have a great weekend.
Very creative! Play-Doh is fun...for all ages.
I am not artistic either and this reminded me of my oldest son as a child versus me! I can do stick people drawings and play doh snakes and he ( oldest ) around 6th grade or so, created all sorts of play doh figurines and made them come to life with my first video camera. Do you remember the huge ones that you had to hold on your shoulder? well, he made time-lapsed movies ...I just remembered this :) Where he got the artistic genes I do not know but he was always very good at sculpting and it started with play doh :) AND YOURS IS VERY GOOD :)

That's quite the cutest dough cat I've seen. I can almost smell the almondy colour from here!
Now Jim - that is my favorite kind of cat! (I am so allergic)!
Well Jim, none of my cats look like that! Sure a colorful cat anyway!!! LOL
I was looking back at your previous posts and enjoyed all the photos of your time in London. It's hard to believe that KP is 4 already!! Say Hi to Superwoman!!!
Have a wonderful and blessed weekend Jim, thank you very much for stopping by my blog for Feline Friday!
God bless,
whoa- very talented you are! Have a great time today!
The colour combination is very lovely, Dr Jim :)
I love pink cats!

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