Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two Shoes Tuesday ~~ Another Poem (of sorts)

Words Broken;
God's Plan?

Promises are only words -- silly words?
They say sticks and stones can break my bones. Still,
words can never hurt me.  First grade lesson

Will it still be a promise I've made if
I cross my fingers? You betcha it will
No one's there, will a falling tree make noise?

"To have and to hold, from this day forward,
for better, for ... to love ... to cherish, till
death do us part, ... God's holy ordinance"*

Promises are meant to be kept -- God's Law
Will it hurt when a promise is broken?
You betcha it will -- no mere silly words

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Poem and Photos Copyright
© 2013 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

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- This post was written for Two Shoes Tuesday of Josie's Two Shoes.
- Josie's Directions: Your contribution must be in the form of an original poem, essay, or short story (fiction or non-fiction), and it must be a u piece - not something drawn from your other writings or archives.
- The July 9th writing prompts to choose from or do both are Words(4) and Broken(1).

1.  Wedding Vows & Readings (link)
2.  Pictures: (click on them to enlarge)
-- Top -- KP and Mrs. Jim having confidential talk while watching the guard's movements in front of Buckingham Palace (and looking for "Baby News" postings).
-- Middle -- Skype photo capture while chatting with KP in March, 2012.  She was riding her scooter then and still does.
-- Bottom -- Mrs. Jim and Jim having Tapas for lunch (the drink is a Sangria) in a London Pub, La Tasca James Street, in St Christopher's Place.

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Jim's Note: I've been married twice, 13 years and now
40 years. People can't always be perfect (God's Law).
Thank you God, for your loving Grace.
I agree with you here. Promises should not be broken.

Have a terrific day. ☺
Men invented words, and thus, more varied lies . . . . .

Hello Sir Jim! What lovely pictures you have!

Happy Two Shoes Tuesday to us ;o)
Amen, Mr. Jim. I could not agree more. A wise & wonderful contribution here here. Hugs.
This was a beautiful message post, Jim. I loved how you used the prompt to talk about broken promises. The words we speak, the commitments we make, are important! We live in a world where they are seen as easily revoked. We all make mistakes along the way, we learn from them, we learn the value of only saying what we really mean, and then meaning what we say! I'd say 40 years is a strong testament to believing in the words you spoke to each other, and you've both been very blessed by staying faithful to your beliefs and vows! Thank you for such a positive message to share with us at Two Shoes Tuesday! It is always a good read here, Jim!
Good one, Jim. I like the way you think. And thanks for your right-on comment on my blog. Yes, God did make us stewards of the earth. We make dismal stewards these days!
well said
Sometimes words can hurt just as bad. Nice poem! : )
The first photo speaks a thousand words through the close bond between Mrs Jim and KP, Dr Jim :)

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