Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Troll Lives Here

Troll Lives Here .............

That's what they said,
and don't dare go near the bridge
guarded by the two white swans.

The big birds are slaves of the troll. They
will drown any trespasser on sight.

Who are we to argue with those lords,
I hear they have guns and WOMDs*.

A troll lives here, stay
far away from his lair we were told.
Now my partner is mighty bold

so she turned our boat the other way,
to where a small white sentry bird
was standing.  He clucked

and screamed.  We knew these creatures,
simple as they seemed, were not of
the wild but were vassals of the troll.

With no escape in the channels now we looked to the shores of the lagoon. What seemed so safe till

we approached was guarded by still
more serfs.  They were of grey and dull nature and half asleep on their spindly legs. 

Then for us they too screeched their
message, "not wanted here."

We steered to the other side where by grace of Heavens, there was a place
for us to land our ship. Stranger still,

these contented grey creatures had
another nature.  They screeched not of doom and death.  Rather they bode, 

"Welcome to the Promised Land."
We dropped anchor and lived happily
ever after, reminiscing of Gilligan.
Photos and Story Poem Copyright © 2013 Jimmiehov. All Rights Reserved
- - - -
*WOMDs -- Weapons of Mass Destruction

- This post was written for Two Shoes Tuesday of Josie's Two Shoes.
- Josie's Directions: Your contribution must be in the form of an original poem, essay, or short story (fiction or non-fiction), and it must be a u piece - not something drawn from your other writings or archives.
- The September 3rd writing prompts to choose from are Creature and Wild.  Have Fun!

Also shared and listed with Real Toads,Open Link Monday.

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One Sunday while we were in London, August 26 (2013), Mrs. Jim, KP, and I were at Regent's Park (link) again.  The 410 acre park is within walking distance of Karen and Billy's flat.  It is the home of the London Zoo.  For children there are three play grounds and about six places to buy ice cream or gelato.
This time we rented us a paddle boat and explored the limits of the lake and  stream that went through, as far as we were allowed.  Many times we have come to feed the birds, admire the garden flower settings, or just get our exercise walking.

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A delight to read Jim. I have heard there are a lot of trolls in London but not necessarily at Regent's Park.
What fun, Jim...the park, the lake, the stream, and especially your poem.
Such a fun read!!
Hello there, Sir Jim.

Missed your posts! ;o)
I must be careful next time I visit Regent's Park. Who would have guessed there were trolls abounding there?
Mr. Jim, this was a fun little piece. You have quite the imagination! Thank you for sharing this with us.
It sounds like a marvelous park! I like the way you made all the birds out to be guards for the troll. I oftentimes feel like a bunch of birds in one small area are a bit creepy. Perhaps too much Alfred Hitchcock as I was growing up. :)
Regents Park...strangely enough Ive been there ... lovely seeing the photos and thinking of trolls...have to admit they were pretty well hidden when we were there.
Wonderful photos, and I so enjoyed the story. Nice that there were two choices - the trolls and the Promised Land. Sort of like this world. Sort of like the next, too, smiles.......I enjoyed this, Jim.
This was pure delight and imagination, I loved it very much! And of course I had to open every photo to see them even better! What a great, whimsical story so perfectly set by your voyage in the paddle boat. I wish that I could have come along, it looks like wonderful fun for kids of all ages! :-) Thank you so much for starting this week's TST off in fine style!
I enjoyed that - you are a great writer Jim. And the pictures of the bridges....
I really enjoyed your poem! I felt like I was riding along on your grand adventure! I like the idea of not being swayed by the negativity of others (A troll lives there, don't go...oooo scary) as you head out on a journey and ultimately discover that there are beautiful things (Promised land) at the end of it. It is all about perspective! I love it! Lovely photos, as well!
How fun, how fun, how fun Jim. I love a happy ending.

Have a terrific day. ☺
Love the whimsy and light nature of this poem... fun, indeed!
Sounds fun, I like the pictures of the birds. Glad you were able to escape the trolls!
: )
Hello Jim,

I hope you fine. So finally you and mrs Jim are back home ?
This place is just amazing and I can easily believe that troll leave there.

Love your words my favorite verse

"The big birds are slaves of the troll. They
will drown any trespasser on sight.

Who are we to argue with those lords,
I hear they have guns and WOMDs*. "


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