Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Cats of Constantiople — Six Word Saturday — Venice to Athens via the Black Sea [003 Istanbul, Turkey, part IV] — Feline Friday

.my Six Words:
My holiday I never dreamed of
Spending eight weeks and a day
All in London or surounding except (Link 1)
Black Sea & Crimean Coasts Cruise (Link 2)
(posting is still in progress)
I don't think that the Cats in Istanbul fared any better than the Dogs did. I showed some of the Dogs here.

The cats seemed to be more in the suburb areas while the dogs congregated in the highly congested pedestrian areas.  I believe all of these cats are on the loose, but they aren't very afraid of people.

I never did see any of either animals begging for food.  The stalking cat, third from the bottom seems to be very thin, the rest are okay though they are NOT FAT.

You can see the rest (what I've gotten done) of my 2013 Pacific Princess (ship) cruise here,  , including the Dogs.

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Yes I agree they seem quite healthy apart from the third from bottom, I wonder if they have homes to go to at any point.

Have a felinetastic weekend ;-)
Thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend!

It makes me sad to see this ... on the other hand, these cats seem to be making it okay and are probably content with their lives. We (people) don't always get it ...

Andrea @ From The Sol
They all need a forever home. Yes they do.

Have a fabulous Feline Friday. :)
Each one reminds me of a cat I have had the pleasure of knowing. I wish they were in homes, not wandering.
So many homeless kitties make me sad. But you have captured some nice shots indeed.

I bet they keep the rodent population down quite a bit- I hope they have a warm safe place to be at night.
Always sad to see strays. They do seem ok, except for the one skinny one, but still it's no fun to be homeless.
cutecats sad to know that they are strays.

Have a nice Saturday

much love...
How I would love to live in a city where cats felt safe to be out and about without fear of cruel people abusing them. Loved these photos Jim, cats doing what they do best... being cats! :-)
what cuties!
What a wonderful vacation. We will be cruising to Italy next week on Holland America.
That's a similar scene to Greece. The outdoor taverna tables at night are surrounded by hungry looking cats.
You seem to have had a fabulous holiday.
So strange to see so many roaming cats. We hardly ever see a cat in our neighborhood. They look pretty healthy so they must be feeding well.

By the way, my day was filled with sunshine, thank you! I hope you get the rain you need.
I went out to our freezer in the garage the other day, and found a black cat had wandered in from the chilly night. It scooted out the same way it came in, through a side door.
"meeeyaaavooo" lovely post! good to be here.
They all look pretty well fed and okay to me. I wonder how many strays there are here in London? We certainly do have foxes everywhere!

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