Friday, November 29, 2013

29¢ Gas — Six Word Saturday — Now $2.92

my Six Words:
Remembering: when One Dollar filled Motorscooter

That and half pint of oil

It lasted me a whole week

[click on any picture for larger size viewing]

These are cast iron toy Vespa Motor Scooters.  The one on the left is one I bought at a toy store in Italy.  The others are for sale at the gift shop in the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa.

My Vespa was a green Sears Roebuck "Allstate" brand 1958 model made by Vespa.  It was $350 +/- and payments fit our charge card nicely. 

I had that in El Paso, Texas, while I was in my last three years (of five total) in the U.S. Army and rode it to work most every day.  It followed me to New Hampshire in 1961 after my discharge.

Six Words Saturday:
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It is crazy looking back isn't it? We seemed to get so much more for so much less. Sigh. Happy weekend friend and greetings to Mrs J too.

Hubby wants one - maybe someday if we move closer to town... I'd be afraid for him on the main roads where people speed too much
Ugh, isn't that crazy?! The gold old days of cheap gas! Though your price is not too bad up there! Stopping by from 6 word Saturday to say hi!
I can remember my parents getting gasoline way back in the day and it was 19 cents a gallon. I think Dad was complaining about the price then.

Economical ride indeed.

Have a terrific day.
The prices are down for the moment, here. We got a nice coupon of 30 cents off each gallon of gasoline when we were shopping! Now that's cool, although there is a limit of only 20 gallons max with the coupon. ! I like all of your scooters here too!
It's amazing how much we have to pay for petrol these days. Shocking really.
wow! I need a scooter!
A scooter looks like a lot of fun! I paid $3:10 at the cheapest place around here for gas yesterday, the average is about $3.28. Not sure we will see it below $3.00 here again...
Wishing you a safe and wonderful week!
If that photo is what you are paying today- consider yourself lucky...we pay $3.79 these days in the mountains of Northern California.....don't drive too many places....enjoy your weekend!
We stopped for gas tonight on the way home, and found the price 20 cents more per gallon if you did not get a car wash. We went right on by. We ended up paying $3.42/gallon.
Cute scooters, Jim. Not much walking goes on in the US, so I've heard :)
Wow! I've thought about trading my car in for a motorcycle, or scooter because I though the gas would be cheaper, but maybe not. Plus I need the space.

Cool! That must have been fun driving that scooter to and from work everyday. : )
Cute scooters!
love your collection... scooters were a common sight in India when I was growing up.. now I do not recall seeing as many of them as motorbikes...
It's so sweet of your granddaughter to phone you before going to church, Dr Jim :)
I have a Kymco 125cc scooter that I commute to & from work on & I love it. I've had plenty of big bikes in the past but nowadays I'm happy with my scooter. $6 petrol lasts me a fortnight

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