Thursday, August 28, 2014

Eight Pictures — My Alphabe-Thursday (4th), the letter "O"

"O" is for 'Old things' and for 'Omelets', both items I like.
(Oh, yes, today is National Bow Tie Day, wear yours please)
(you can click on any picture for a screen sized view) 

Here for the old things
 First, Old cars

This 1929 Model A Ford belongs (he may have traded it off by now) to my friend, John.
Next will be Old buildings

Old General Store at Washington, Texas
(near where our Texas Constitution was formed back in 1836 when we became a country)

A cute little Old house in Key West Florida
(we visited there this spring in April, caught it on our walk to down town)

A nice Old hotel in Wales
(we visited northern Wales this May for a few days, train from London to Shrewsbury, U.K, rented a car, stayed at B&B's in and around Barmouth, Wales, U.K.  Visited with friends at Northampton after turning car back.)

Nice Old Southwark Cathedral in London U.K.
(One fourth of my heritage is with U.K. families, the Fletchers and the Crams.  I think the Fletcher on this plaque is the Poet, John Fletcher [1579-1625][Link].  The Fetchers settled in Massachusetts--cousin, Moses Fletcher, came on the Mayflower--then moved to New Hampshire, and finally settled in Maine.  My Fletcher and Cram moved to Nebraska, married, and founded the town, Fletcher, Nebraska (town since dissolved, post office closed).

Nice Old red corrugated steel sided shed I found here.  
It is on the way from Conroe to our town, Montgomery (Texas suburbs of Houston)
I am sure there is an old car or two stored here.  Think so?
Oh yes, the Omelet?  I have pictures, I really like those.  I made Omelets for Mrs. Jim and me for lunch yesterday.  Sorry, I didn't take a picture this time.  It wasn't so very pretty.  But it sure did taste good.  It was an egg, onion, corned beef, and cheddar cheese Omelet.
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Photos copyright, © Jimmiehov 2014, all rights reserved
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Today I am linked again (this is the first one of the fourth series for me) with Teacher Jenny at her Alphabet Thursday Letter O (Link)  (My Older series post links, 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

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Great take on old.

Now I'm hungry for an omelet.

Have a fabulous day Jim. My best to Mrs. Jim. ☺
Glad you're back posting, Jim. My daughter lives in Key West. I saw this same house when I was down there for a visit. I like the old grocery store, and especially the Model A Ford. What a fun romp through "old" land!
Nice to see you again, Jim! I still click from time to time on that Abbey Road link you gave me!! Sounds like you had a nice visit in the UK and Wales -- b&b's are the best, especially in Europe!!
Wonderful photos of 'old' or vintage cars, houses and what not ~ great post for O ~ thanks for coming by!

artmusedog and carol ( A Creative Harbor)
Great pics. I love the old cars but the buildings are my favorite. I linked some 'old' photos. But not so old just from my scrapbook. My horses in snow to cool us all off. Its really hot here. Thanks for sharing your lovely shots.
beautiful house on Key West. And the Model T is adorable - love to ride around in it! {:-D
I would love to own such an oldtimer ! I also love old things and hate new buildings, especially the glass boxes. The South of France is very beautiful, I don't like Paris though, from Brussels it's not far and I have been there several times. Dirty and unfriendly people. No, you didn't bore me at all ! lol !
Great photos! I love corned beef in omelettes also. Actually, corned beef is just plain good...
Oh Jim thanks for coming over and 'snooping' around as you put it. So nice of you to notice and comment on our ministry work. I am so bad about not putting labels on my posts. I really should. We still work in a boys prison unit. It is very challenging yet very positive/needed and thrilling work. Thanks so much for your comment.
Yes we downsized to an apartment and we happy in some ways but I really miss living in a house. We are looking to buy something much smaller this time. I need a yard and flowers around! Well thanks for coming by. It was nice to meet you!
I especially love the old cars, Jim!
Wonderfull old car and cathedral, greeting from Belgium
A corned beef omelet! The sound of that gets my taste buds going and I had a pretty good dinner. Great photos of "old". My favorite is that red corrugated shack.
The View from the Top of the Ladder
Love the pictures of the old cars Jim.. Thanks for stopping by been a long time since I last saw your comments at my site.
That Model A is simply gorgeous! And I love your photos of the old buildings. Good "O" post!!!
I love those old cars! I also love a good omelet and a good quiche too! Enjoyed my visit today! Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! Hugs, Anne
Lovely concept! So many old buildings together! Old is gold :)
Nice pics!
Omelets are very delicious, Dr & Mrs Jim :)
I loved that little old house in Key West. If it wasn't for hurricanes I'd love to live there.

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