Monday, October 20, 2014

100th Anniversary Post -- Josie's Two Shoes

Congrats are in order, the tables set
Love our Josie, her blog has character
She's soooo nice, even rounding up her strays. 
Strays like me who've been gone way, way too long
Posted for her that first day, prompt was "shoes"
It was September 4, 2012
- - - - - -
Photos and Poem Copyright, © 2014 Jimmiehov, All Rights Reserved
- This piece is written in honor of Josie Two Shoes 100th anniversary for her writing meme.
- I had the honor of posting for the first writing (link), her prompt word was "Shoes".
- This poem uses that 1st prompt, "Shoes" as well as her 100th prompt, "Anniversary Edition".  Her link of others posting this week are to be found by clicking here.
- Josie left us this message:
"Choose your October 14th writing prompt from the list of past prompts found on the Two Shoes Tuesday tab!
Josie's blogTwo Shoes in Texas
Josie at Facebook
Josie's new Facebook page:

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Have a great day Jim. My best to Mrs. Jim. ☺
Hope and pray that Mrs Jim is feeling much better now, Dr Jim :)
Gosh a lot of cute shoes there and one pretty foot.
I was just delighted to come and find this sweet anniversary post, complete with assorted "two shoes" pics, and I bet I can identify each of the occupants of said shoes too! Poor Mrs. Jim, she had had a rough go of it. I so hope that healing is progressing well, and she will soon be back on her feet again and going strong. I added your post to the 100th Anniversary link-up because it was just too goo not to share with everyone! It meant a lot to me that you too the time to write it. Hope to see you at TST again soon! :-)
Was so happy to see your two shoes back in the post!!! I was wondering where you were...gonna have to favorite you now so I dont lose site of you again!!!
Good to see you back Jim and hope to find you posting here again soon.

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