Thursday, October 16, 2014

A quiz -- What's your favorite? -- Eleven London Pictures — My Alphabe-Thursday (4th), the letter "V"

My/Your favorite Vegetable is _____________(What?)
Left:  Mrs. Jim is shopping for some cheese (I know, cheese is not a vegetable)
Right:  Street where we ate, near Vauxhall Station
All Pictures were taken near the Vauxhall area or at the Borough Market in London
[You may click on any of the pictures for larger  views--try clicking twice!]

"V" is for vegetable(s).  My favorite vegetable is not these potatoes, commonly cooked as French Fries. 
My Top Twelve Favorite Vegetables:
1.  Pumpkin (best cooked in a Pumpkin Pie)
2.  Beets (Mom made the best pickled beets I have ever eaten)
3.  Potatoes (cooked most any way, FF's best, Baked, stuffed with BBQ'd chopped beef, are very fine)
4.  Cabbage (best cooked as sauerkraut, cole slaw is fine if not too much mayo)
5.  Onions (French Fried best; also Raw on the plate, not on my hamburger)
6.  Radishes (with salt)
7.  Broccoli (cooked most any way, not creamed soup)
8.  Spinach (cooked most any way, buttered with a little real bacon the best)
9.  Green String Beans (canned Green Giant the best)
10. Pickled Cucumbers (not raw, please)
11. Celery and Hominy, tie (Hominy and Corn Bread are the only forms of corn my colon doctor will let me eat)
I do not like eggplant or rutabaga and would rather not have carrots.  My colon doctor will not allow me to eat nuts and anything with seeds (remember Tomatoes are fruit as are Pecans) 
Vegetables and Fruit (aren't Vegetables) at the market

A couple of Selfies;
-- me with a half eaten brat and sauerkraut sandwich, purchased at the Borough Market,
-- then me (with camera, Mrs. Jim, and KP all eating "on the street" at a Vauxhall standup eatery--I had fish and chips, Mrs. Jim had the hamburger and FF's, and KP had chicken nuggets)

Rabbits are the ultimate in Vegetarian living; sheep are big on vegetables too
(Animal pictures taken at the Vauxhall City Farm)

If and when I ever come out of retirement to sell vegetables one of these vehicles is liable to be my delivery transportation.
All pictures are from our Spring 2014 visit to London. 
We stayed almost two months.
Today I am linked again (this is the first one of the fourth series for me) with Teacher Jenny at her Alphabet Thursday Letter "V" blog (Link)  (My Older series post links, 1st, 2nd, 3rd)  

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I'm a big fan of vegetables too,Jim. Unfortunately my husband has to be careful about how much vitamin K he eats so that limits his veggie intake. But I suppose i could cook my green faves and serve him the ones he's allowed. :)
I love most veggies. The spring and summer months we enjoy all of them. I will say that burger and fries you have here made my mouth water, but I'm hungry.

During the winter months we get stir fry veggies at Costco and use the glaze on them. No meat, just the veggies and light on the glaze. What a great way to get the veggies we love in the winter.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Great post and photos for V ~ My favorite? Hard to say ~ maybe green peppers and chick peas (hummus)

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)
My favorite veggie - that is hard, since I love so many - may be asparagus?
Thanks for getting us through with your 2 month's stay. London would be fun. Mainly because many of the famous locations are readily known since childhood. Visiting things familiar makes it more of an accomplishment. Great pics Dr Jim!

We love vegetables and fruits very much too, Dr & Mrs Jim :)
We love vegetables too and I give the kids a mixture at every dinner with freshly blended vegetable soup and salads.
I think I eat all veggies--except beets. I try and like them but I just can't. :(
I had a few vegetables that I like on your list. This time of year I love pumpkin...pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin latte, etc. No beets, radishes, pickled cucumbers or hominy for me. No cooked spinach...just raw in salads.
I am a fiend for rutabaga - love the shot of the sheep peeping over the door...
Well, at the moment my favorite is yellow squash sauteed with onions and butter...we just picked the last of them...also love small zucchinis cooked that way which we get most of the summer..wait, is popcorn a vegetable? I'd have to list popcorn at the top of my list♪
There is not a vegetable I won't eat and dislike. I love all veggies... geez, I should have been a rabbit. :-)
I love veggies too - and I do like to add a little sauce of some type. Yum.
I think children would like to think potatoes are veges. Yesterday,I had a friend for dinner. Was planned that he is a vegetarian, but wasn't told he doesn't eat mushroom. I was late for my W entry.

Thanks your comment, and I enjoy the exchange of notes.

I like the vegetables and fruit display. I am amazed how the garlic has come to the kitchen, about 20 years ago, the Europeon New Zealanders did not eat garlic. Now, it is featured in most cooking shows.
There are so many good vegetables, but I love the tomato for its versatility.
Pumpkin and pickles are fruit. If it has a seed, it's a fruit.

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