Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Done and Dance -- for Josie's Two Shoes Tuesday

Dancing I will never forget
I will never forget that night, it was of all things, at my dance lesson for the day.  We were taking a holiday, a Southern Caribbean Cruise on the ship, the HMS Queen Mary II.  I was having some trouble with the Cha Cha Cha.  My rubber soled walking shoes were a part of the problem as there is a lot turning to be done in that dance. At least the way we were doing it.
The dancing instructor took me aside and helped me as I had never been helped before.  I don't remember a word she said.  I do remember dancing with her.  She followed my every move without my slightest nudge or pull.  Never did she lead.  I am sure she gave me good instructions because I really don't recall any troubles with my dance.  I think we touched slightly quite often, why don't I remember that part better?
Besides her following my lead, I remember even better her build.  She was short, of slight build, young, and very pretty.  And Russian.  My guess is that she weighed around ninety pounds. Very light on her feet, the best dancing partner I ever have had.  She smelled good too, I don't remember any special perfume, body odor or smoker residue.

I won't forget that part of the night.  Later there was a dance, the QM2 has a large ballroom with a dance floor as big as many roller skating rinks.  Surrounding it are several rows of observation theatre-like chairs, behind those are many tables and chairs occupied by the dancers when they aren't dancing.
I have forgotten everything about the dance that night.  And I don't remember how to dance the Cha Cha Cha.  But I do remember my instructor and the events leading to the special lesson.  I will always remember her and how good she danced

I'm done with my story, let the chill bumps calm.

Day 2, January 4 (2009):
A day at sea. We ended with a dance in the ballroom. Full dress (formal) was required.

 Day 3, still at sea
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I wrote this for Josie Two Shoes.  Her instructions, "The November 4th writing themes to choose from are done and dance."  Check here to find other bloggers who have written of these themes.

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What a good memory!
Yes, a cruise is a fantastic holiday. Last one I went on was early 2011; it must be almost time for another. Great reminiscence Jim.
It's been a while since I visited this blog. Have fun Sir Jim! ;o)
It's so nice to meet you, Jim. Your story is a lovely memory of "dance". You incorporated many senses in your description of your dance partner. I've never been on a cruise, but I bet I'd be doing Zumba or some kind of dancing on board.
I think you were a bit smitten by your dance instructor. No, I'm sure of it.

Have a fabulous day. My best to you and Mrs. Jim. ☺
I was swept up in the moment. Beautiful.
What a beautiful memory - so when will you be dancing again?
It is easy to tell from reading this fun post Jim, that the memory of that dancing lesson still makes you smile! That's the stuff that makes new experiences so wonderful. Making good memories, my very favorite thing to do! Thank you for sharing a post that brightened my up after a long day at work! I wish we had a video of you practicing your cha-cha! :-)
Interesting the things that stay with us forever. Wonderful memory.
Mr. Jim, your posts are always fun. Thank you for taking us along on this night of dancing.
Hello, Dr & Mrs Jim! :)

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