Saturday, November 01, 2014

Six Word Saturday -- Halloween Remnants

my six words:
Katrin is liking her Halloween haircut
Before and After

More After

another six words:
KP likes American Halloween over London's
still another six words:
Kroger store, my only Halloween celebration 
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I am linked today with Cate at Six Word Saturday headquarters (link)
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Update on Mrs. Jim: 
1.  She is recuperating nicely, seven (7) weeks after her fall and subsequent partial hip replacement surgery.  She is ready to drive but her ortho doctor said 12 weeks is the norm.  They bargained for nine (9) weeks IF she had good balance without aid of the cane.  She should of course carry and use her cane until 12 weeks.  NO GOLF until Spring.

2.  I have postponed her annual performance evaluation for six months, now overdue, as she really hasn't been too very good at things requiring physical activity since the accident.

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Oh she's beautiful! I like taking mine to the groomers on holidays too, they get such fun stuff! What an amazing (chocolate) yummy haul! And she's got one happy me face!
Forgot to mention, I like seeing that name, Kroger, which goes back to my grocery shopping days in Michigan. Kroger isn't in Minnesota!
Glad Halloween was successful. Ours was rainy but the kids came anyway.
Quite the candy haul!
I love KPs tiara. Every little girl needs a tiara. She scored big time on the candy too.

Have a fabulous weekend. :)
Both after pictures are so cute! :)
Pretty poodle. That's an awful big sugar high on the table!
all lovely; have a nice Saturday

much love...
All the photos are lovely.
I thin I like her haircut too!
Thank you for the update on our most beloved Mrs Jim, Dr Jim :)

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