Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Alphabe-Thursday (5th), the letter "G" — Some places I've been starting with "G"

"G" is for some places, countries and cities starting with the letter "G" where I have traveled:
 - Countries:
 - States: (I've been to all 50) 
 - U.S. Cities over 100,000 population where I've been:
Greensboro, N.C.
Garland, TX
Glendale, CA
Grand Prairie, TX
Grand Rapids, MI
Gainesville, FL

Greece will get the spotlight this time as it is the most recent place on the list where I have visited.    In the summer of 2013 we took a Pacific Princess Ship cruise from Venice to Istanbul to Yalta, Ukraine, and then back to Athens Greece.  And of course we stopped along the way, almost every day of the way.

Our first Greece stop was at Volos for the day.  There we visited a couple of old monasteries high atop little mountains.  Our pictures are below:

[The last picture shows where we were.]
Click picture to enlarge.  Back Button returns
Our cruise ended in Athens, Greece.  We had been there before.  Then we had a nice tour of Athens, so we did that again.  Our tour conveniently ended at the airport.
 _ _ _ _
 - Jenny is starting in now on her tenth series of Alphabe thursday.  With 52 weeks in a year and 26 letters in the alphabet she is now in her fifth year.  I am linked to her blog, GO HERE for more participants and their offerings. 

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I remember that cruise. I've been hanging around your blog for a lot of years. Good for me.

Have a fabulous day and may you and yours have a very happy New Year. ☺
Thank you so much for the Christmas wishes, Dr & Mrs Jim :) It arrived on the day itself.
I would love to go to Greece one day. The place is so rich with historical sites.
Great photos! Though I'm not sure that I would feel comfortable so close to the edge in that last shot!! I like seeing where we overlap.... when we first moved to Texas, we lived in Garland and later on moved to Irving which is close to Grand Prairie, where our daughter was born. Now we're closer to Fort Worth!
May you and Mrs Jim have safe, healthy and prosperous New Year!
Another great post and photos for Alphabe ~

Happy New Year,
artmusedog and carol
I'd love to go to Greece one day! Lovely post...
that's an amazing photo of the monastery on the hill. When I was in Italy, I noticed all the churches and castles where on the top of the hills. Great way to see the enemy coming! It looks like a wonderful trip; I've always wanted to go to Greece. Sounds a bit hastle (sp?) right now... {:-Deb

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