Saturday, December 13, 2014

Six Word Saturday ~~ What to do?

My Six Words:
Sold out, no twenty-eight cent lunch

After the dentist a couple of weeks ago I stopped at the grocery store.  I had a tooth pulled and the dentist recommended I have soup and soft food like Jell-O (which I do not like, eating cow hooves).
My dentist is in Huntsville, Texas, a smallish college town, home of Sam Houston State University   (Google Link)  That pretty well explains why the store shelves were empty. 
I love the stuff, I didn't show the sodium content, it runs HIGH.

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I am linked today with teacher Cate at Six Word Saturday school headquarters (link)
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BTW, I was talking with a former widower tonight who had remarried.  Seems as though kids take a while getting used to Dad being remarried.  I told him to tell them that he had to hurry while he still had most of his teeth left.

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I like the Shrimp Soup. Generally I add a half dozen or so cooked shrimp but not this day with a gaping hole in my mouth.
Oooh, ouch! I feel for you, Jim :(
This looks remarkably like that student staple The Pot Noodle! Jock is awaiting an extraction (after the swelling goes down), and dentists, like doctors, make baaaad patients.
I hate the dentist!
I'm hearing you especially clearly this morning. (Don't ask...)
I like the idea of this instant meal, but not the reason you had to have it. :(
Hope the hole in your mouth heals remarkably well, Jim!

Six Words for Dec. 13th
When I was living by myself, I would often eat noodles like that.
Instant lunches are sometimes the perfect meal...especially if you've just had a tooth removed.
Oatmeal sounds like it would be better than that stuff. Sorry about the tooth, hope you are doing okay now! Happy Saturday!
I like the chicken soup and you can buy it by the case at Costco. We do too. Hubby likes the shrimp. I can see why it's gone in a college town.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Jello is big at our house especially when we are sick because it is very high in protein. Save your teeth as long as you can.
Too bad. I like that price and that soup.
oh yummy I have never tried this....guess I will!
My son lived on that for many a year. Hope your mouth is okay now!
It does take time for children to adjust, and I hope your mouth doesn't hurt.
Yummy instant noodle, Dr Jim :)

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