Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"A" is for the word, Alphabet

"A" is for the word, Alphabet.  How did it get that name?  Pretty simple but a lot don't think about that when we use it.

The first two letters of the Greek alphabet were Alpha and Beta.  The Latin language put these together to get their name for the letters, "Alphabet".

Did you know that there are 40 sounds of the Alphabet letters in the English language but only 26 letter?  Some letters have more than one sound.

Here are some alphabet fun alphabet related words that I'll bet you didn't know until you looked them up.  I won't be betting an English teacher or someone who teaches the alphabet though.  That person will know these or some of them:
lipogram (check the best known example for this one)
 . . . [click on the bottom two for answers, Google the first]

These and more interesting 'facts about the Alphabet' can be found from the "About Education" people.  Or Google "Facts and History about the English Alphabet"

 - Jenny is now on her eleventh series of Alphabe Thursday (my sixth).  With 52 weeks in a year and 26 letters in the alphabet she is now in her fifth year.  I am linked to her blog, GO HERE for more participants and their offerings.

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Good morning just stopping to have have "A" good day!
A very interesting history lesson Jim. Language is a fascinating field of study.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
Very interesting. I never thought about why it was called the alphabet. Makes perfect sense.
I never knew that and words are my thing! Thanks for a great post and here's to another great round...
Very interesting facts!

Always an informative post for Alphabe ~ thanks, Jim ~

Happy Weekend coming to you,
artmusedog and carol
A's for apple, a a a, that's what we learned on our first day of school.
Thanks for the lesson. I never thought about it really but it makes total sense.
I personally need a lipogram.



That's a different type of lipo.


This was an amazingly creative link for the letter A, Jim.

Thank you for all your support and kindness over the past year!

You are appreciated.

Great post, Jim. I'm glad that my first grade teacher didn't teach nor have us memorize majuscule as we learned about capital letters. :-)
The View from the Top of the Ladder
Always my pleasure to stop here and see what you and Mrs. Jim are up to! Thank you for the share which is always awesome! I am learning something new each day and I love it! Have a great weekend,
Well, that was quite interesting.

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