Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Alphabe-Thursday (5th), the letter "Z" — Some places I've been starting with "Z"

"Z" is for some places, countries and cities starting with the letter "Z" where I have traveled:

 - No Countries visited (Zambia and Zimbabwe  are the only countries beginning with "Z" and we won't be going to either).  No States at all begin with  "Z".  

 - Cities over 100,000 population:
Zürich, Switzerland:  I think I have been to Zürich twice, both times driving through it on our way to Liechtenstein (country).
No pictures either although we may have some in a scrapbook someplace.

How we got to Zürich, Switzerland:
Our destination was Albacete, Spain, acting as a mission team to a local Baptist church there.  But we also wanted to show Grand-daughter Jenna some of the Europe we have liked.  I will briefly try to remember how we went.

First stop for us was London where we stayed in the Bayswater (Google Map) area for three nights.  We saw a lot of the tourist rated spots.  Jenna, sixteen at the time, had a crush on Harry Potter.  She was very pleased to see his picture on a lot of the big red double-decker buses.

Next we flew to Madrid and were met at the airport by our church friends who drove us to Albacete where we would spend almost two weeks. 

Three years before we had spent two weeks with them in a similar role.  That time we helped show the youth how the American baseball and American football games are played.  The second week both times we presented a vacation Bible school for all the young ones.

After spending our time there we flew to Paris, France, for a few days stay there.  Then we rented a car and toured Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. On the way to Liechtenstein our travel took us through Zurich, Switzerland.  I only remember it as a pretty city with a pretty lake.  (Wikipedia Link, Zurich)
Wikipedia images for Zurich Switzerland 
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After our driving tour which lasted about a week, we turned in the car and flew home to Texas from Munich, Germany.

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 - Jenny is now on her tenth series of Alphabe Thursday.  With 52 weeks in a year and 26 letters in the alphabet she is now in her fifth year.  I am linked to her blog, GO HERE for more participants and their offerings.

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Hubby said Switzerland was an awesome place as was Germany. He was stationed in Germany during the Vietnam war. He was one of the lucky ones I guess.

I always love to see where you and Mrs. Jim have traveled.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
You're so fortunate to have gone to so many different places in the world. Your posts are always so interesting.
Well I have gone to Zurich - a long time ago - boy when are you ever home?
Been to Zurich and even went up the funicular rail up Mount Pilatus. In was pretty cold as it was snowing. Later was also in Bayswater that part of London where hot curries were served. One can also get a cheap haircut there rather than the expensive unisex joints at Oxford Street. Thanks for the memories Dr Jim!

Although it is not that far from Brussels, I have never been to Zürich, only to Geneva !
have a nice Thursday

much love...
I always like your post and to mentally tick off your places on my own travel list and woo hoo I have been to Zambia and Zimbabwe and Zurich, told you I liked your post!
Have a great day.
Wren x
Loved Geneva Switzerland ~ great post as always and for Z ~

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol
That sounds like a great time, especially sharing it with a grandchild!
I wondered if you'd be talking about Zurich before I clicked on your link. I enjoyed seeing other cities vicariously through your posts. Best wishes on your next adventure with Mrs. Jim. :-)

Now this is one I would love to visit!

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