Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Warm Heart Wednesday -- No. 001

 Today we are starting a new 'meme' series of blogs called "Warm Heart Wednesday."  It is being headed again by our favorite school teacher, Jenny Matlock.  Jenny's instructions are basically this:
"Warm Heart Wednesday is for me (Jenny).  
To start remembering. 
And to make a journal of joy."
"I hope you will consider joining me on this adventure by sharing something that made YOUR heart warm over the past week.  I think it will be fun and uplifting to read your ongoing journals as well."

Exactly a week ago on a Wednesday morning Mrs. Jim and I were guests of KP's school for a Veterans Day Breakfast.  There was quite a crowd there, her school is very large. The fifth grade choir sang for us while we ate.
KP had invited me to come.  My service was five (5) years in the U.S. Army.  All of it except for basic training (Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas for that) was spent in El Paso at Fort Bliss.
A lot of draftees were bitter about that time in their lives, having to spend two years of their lives 'pretty much wasted.'  A perpetual group would always keep up on the mountain west of town a painted rock sign disparaging the Army.  I had then, and still do now sometimes, have bitterness for the five years out of my life spent there. 
BUT, it really was for the good.  My second term, of three years, was spent learning electronics studying and attending classes for 42 weeks.  There I learned to maintain NIKE Hercules Fire Control Systems which consisted of three radar sets and the computer to track the enemy plane, the missile, and guide the missile towards the plane. 
Upon the end of the second enlistment period I left the Army as an E-5 (a private started as E-1) we advanced one number for every grade promotion. After service I obtained employment as a Tech Rep Field Engineer with experience in lieu of a degree. 
I went into Aerospace Engineering and worked with Philco Corporation which eventually became Ford Aerospace Corporation.  My jobs were at New Hampshire and ended as a Flight Controller at the NASA Manned Space Center in Houston.  Additionally I used my G.I. Bill entirely and finished college with a Bachelor and a Law Degree.  I changed careers after my schooling and spent 22 years teaching business courses at San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas.
That is why most times I will say the Army was good for me, but I was a total drain on the United States Treasury for five years.  I was ready but there was no war to fight.
I'm sure that was too much, TMI, but people need to know that the morale in the service sometimes stinks and there often is a lot of resentment for career and living time missed.  There is also though, an opportunity to learn a skill or trade and to get the G.I. Bill for training and education after getting out.

Well, anyway, after breakfast we went into the gym where the children were assembled in groups.  Different groups would sing the song for a certain branch of service and the Vets serving in that branch would stand. 
Then our student child, grandchild, or whatever, would find us.  We assembled in one long column and proceeded to march around the halls of the school.  Students who did not sponsor a Veteran were sitting around the halls, back by the wall so we could march through.  Lauren liked this, she is the lead picture here, at the top.
Below is the Wall of Honor made in similar fashion as the U.S. flag.  I didn't count the stars but would imagine there were fifty.  The stripes were made of individual bio's of the Veteran.  Mine is pictured on the right of the flag. [click on it to enlarge]

On one of the boards we passed in the halls.
I am linked with Jenny at her "Warm Heard Wednesday" page.  You may go to her post from here to post your warm hearted post or to view what others have posted for theirs.

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I really enjoyed this Jim - I want to hear good and positive things - I think this will be a great meme. Thanks for your service - my hubs is a veteran too.
PS Your granddaughter is so cute.
Well, this is a great way to start a new meme. How lovely. I knew you had gone to this breakfast, but you shared so much more today.

Have a fabulous Warm Heart Wednesday and every day of the week too. ☺
Your Grand daughter looks like she is having a great time. I enjoy hearing stories that honor our vets. What a great way to teach our children that our servicemen deserve respect and celebration. My dad was stationed in El Paso, TX at the end of WW11.
Jim, what a special time with your Granddaughter. I'm a proud Marine brat so military was a big part of my life.
What a great event. You must enjoy living closer to your granddaughter now. Thank you for your service! My son is taking online courses at San Jac.
That sure was a special day! (BTW, I also ate peanut butter on crackers with my dad.... still do sometime!)
Lovely post ~ as usual most informative but also very loving with your experience at your grand child's school ~ She is a cutie!

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol
ps. Thanks for being a Veteran ~ All types are needed! ~ Keeping peace/ fighting war!
A terrific share Jim! Love the little ones with their flags. What nice photos and anytime I can thank a Veteran I stop and tell them so. Thank you for sharing all this. I spent the morning at the Denver Zoo with our middle daughter. It was a FREE day. I took a photo of the Bald Eagle and posted him at Face Book. Sometime it is too mean and difficult over there. We enjoyed the zoo and saw so many animals up close and personal. "Jim" who is a 28 year old Silverback Gorilla was my favorite buddy today. He was sitting there looking at us and then he went back to his deep personal thoughts. Reminded me of the famous sculpture The Thinker. We also saw a turtle sound asleep and his face was priceless. I tried to get his photo but it is hard through the glass enclosures to see the detail. It was a fun experiences and we will probably head back there if the weather holds up when Nick comes home for Thanksgiving. we are in for a second round of snow. Brrr....with ten degree temps! Have a great weekend and always a pleasure to see what you and Mrs. Jim are up to.
What a wonderful tribute they made with the bios.
No matter whether you served in times of war or not your service time was not a waster & I thank you for your service to our country.
Ah, the thing is Jim, you and the others were ready to go if it was necessary. We rarely think how important it is to serve during times of peace, too. Good for you for signing up for another round. :-)
The View from the Top of the Ladder
Wow, Jim. This was such an uplifting and positive post. I always enjoy reading your philosophies of events. Your Grandlittle is so adorable. And I thank you for warming my heart this week with your share. XOXO

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