Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Warm Heart Wednesday ~~ No. 007 ~~ Freedom

My heart was really warmed earlier this week when Mrs. Jim and KP came. A brief (?) scenario of the stuff before is needed.

Monday morning would begin a wonderful three days having our granddaughter staying with us. Mrs. Jim had set her alarm for 6:30 so she could be at KP's house at 7:20 so that daughter Karen could leave for work. KP was out of school for Christmas Holiday and both Karen and SIL needed to be at their work.

I was up at 6:20 and had coffee made when the alarm went off. By 7:15 Mrs. Jim was ready to leave. I had the alarm disabled for her and she headed out. I had not unlocked the back door though, so she fiddled with the lock and went into the garage. I quickly followed her and waved goodbye to her as she backed down the drive. She closed the garage with the remote and I was ready for my second cup of coffee.

But when I got to the back door, it was shut and locked from inside. After the fiddling with the lock she had it opened but must have set the lock again. When I went out into the garage I closed the hall door behind me, locking me out.

I was in my P.J's and my robe so I had to wait for Mrs. Jim and KP to return. I wasn't sure when that would be. They could just load up and come right back home. Or they could fool around for a while, maybe KP would want to show what Santa had left. Or they could stay there and play with new toys. All of these options had been discussed while Mrs. Jim was getting ready to leave.

Quite a bit of time passed, I figured they weren't coming right back. I had no watch and of course no cell phone or I would have called. So I got the two pillows and an old blanket and crawled inside my Mom's Mustang. I did go to sleep for a while, I don't know how long it was but it seemed they weren't coming very fast.

There were a lot of thoughts passing through my mind.  About people in prison. About whether or not they were really guilty of the crime they were convicted of. Most of all I thought of their loss of freedom. Things they couldn't do, places they couldn't go, and times they couldn't leave. .Escape came to mind. Most all escapees eventually were returned. I could leave but I wasn't dressed good.  For sure not well enough to spend a morning with people hadn't made real good friends with since we moved here in August.

Finally I set to emptying some boxes left from the move. I had saved the slower ones till last.  I thought of how Mrs. Jim generally calls when we are apart. How she might worry that I didn't answer or call her back when I could. And why, reasons, she didn't just load up then and check on me.

Also I thought of prison visits, especially where Jesus in the New Testament (Matthew 25:35-36)(link) had told that when we visited persons in prison we were visiting Him.

Finally the door opened and both KP and Mrs. Jim came hurrying towards me as I walked to meet them. Mrs. Jim hugged me but KP wasn't quite that glad to see me. She scolded me for being there and not calling them or answering the phone.

After we figured out what had happened and Mrs. Jim had shed a few tears of relief and of being sorry for me, KP did understand what had happened. I think though, that she wasn't treating it like a very big deal. Mrs. Jim and I?  We are still glad I was okay, it only lasted a half day, and have been thinking of getting a key to leave in the garage or under a rock.

I wrote a little poem about being confined for posting on my other blog, Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place,
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Adversity does make you think and appreciated what we have doesn't it? Happy New Year.
We have a key hidden in our garage for this very purpose. We have several others too, but won't mention those. That was a long morning indeed. Glad it turned out okay.

Have a fabulous day. May you and yours have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. ☺
Oh dear ~ 'Alls well that ends well.' ~ Sorry you had too spend so much time in the garage ~ Hope you warm ~
extra key outside somewhere is needed ~ I know I locked myself out on the coldest winter night of the season a few years ago ~

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year,
artmusedog and carol
Happy Birthday, Mrs Jim! :) Happy New Year 2016, Dr & Mrs Jim :)
Yikes--awful to be locked out! I have climbed around fire escapes through windows, but don't really recommend it. Glad that they got home at last. k.
Before we moved over here we always had a key hidden in the backyard. It was in a ziplock bag and hidden under a rock. I had a big yard and lots of rocks so the chances of someone else finding it were slim to none. On a few occasions (over 20+ years) one of us would have to find it or stay locked out. We moved over here and on numerous occasions have said that we need to hide a key but have never done it. YIKES! Your story makes me realize we'd better get busy. I guess it was one of the warmer days when you were locked out. Happy New Year!
That doesn't sound like much fun! Sounds like you were pretty flexible though and made the best of it.

Well, that was quite the adventure! I actually went out to warm my car one day in January and ended up locking myself out of the car and my apartment. That was the days before cell phones, so I had to go to a stranger neighbor's house to call for a family member to bring me a key. At least I wasn't in my jammies. :-)
That's interesting how your mind turned to being in prison when you were confined to the garage. I don't know what would've come to my mind. Lots of contemplation, no doubt. Our Molly the Cat sometimes gets stuck in the garage when I forget that she went out there and didn't want to come back in with me right away. When that happens, I wonder what she thinks. Does she get desperate, thinking she's stuck forever in nowhere's land? Happy New Year, to you and the Missus!
The View from the Top of the Ladder

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