Monday, December 07, 2015

Watching our College Football teams playing on TV makes my heart warm

Warmer still when our team wins.

Watching our family college teams playing football games is my favorite TV activity. Both my and Mrs. Jim's teams earned bowl games this year. Although LSU will be playing at Houston, we are undecided as to whether or not we will attend in person.  ESPN TV will do a good job.
Our Football Bowl Games for this season:
(GO BIG RED's !!! - Houston and Nebraska, two of my alma mater schools with good football teams)
(Geaux Tigers !!! - LSU, Mrs. Jim' alma mater)
LSU (8-3) vs Texas Tech (7-5)
Texas Bowl, Dec 29-8PM ESPN (Houston)
Houston (12-1) vs Florida St. (10-2)
Peach Bowl, Dec 31-11AM ESPN (Atlanta)
Nebraska (5-7) vs UCLA (8-4)
Foster Farms Bowl, Dec 26-8:15PM
ESPN (Santa Clara, California)
Nebraska Mascot is "Harry Husker"
LSU Mascot is "Mike, the Tiger"

Warm Heart Wednesday for the week of December 11 through December 18. Click here, for links of others or for directions to join with a post of your own. Ms. Jenny there is our teacher.

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This made me smile!!
Not so sure it would warm my heart - but glad it does yours.
Jim, I think the linky is fixed now. So sorry for the problem.
how does a 5-7 (Nebraska) team go to a bowl game?
Fun photos of the college games ~ My brother goes to the college hockey games at BC ~

Wishing you the magic and love of the Season.
artmusedog and carol
I have to say I'm excited to have my Iowa Hawkeyes playing in the Rose Bowl!
ESPN will do a good job, yes, but the excitement of being at the game would be awesome!
Answer for Mitch
There were 40 bowl games but not eighty teams that qualified by winning six or more games. So they dug into the five game winners. They then sorted by scholarship, Nebraska had the highest. Missouri was second on the list, they declined to play. San Jose State is the other team selected. Rice was on the list but tied for last.
You went to the University of Nebraska and the University of Houston? Your wife went to LSU?'ve got a busy schedule. I don't watch college football although I did watch some of the University of Houston. It's been kind of exciting this year for them. I'm like you when it comes to TV. As much as I enjoy going to Texans games I really enjoy watching the games on TV too. When I go to the games I put in my ear plugs and listen to the game on the radio.
Hope your and the Mrs.'s alma maters win their games. Rah! Rah! Rah!
I love the way that college sport is so big in the US and that you can watch it on the TV! My kids went to an American school once so we have seen American football, it is a fun sport!
Wren x
Jim, I only watch LSU, and the Saints games. My poor team, LSU, isn't doing so well this year. Waaaaaa!!!!

We are Monday Night NFL watchers :)
Football games definitely warm Mr. Jenny's heart.

It just warms mine to see him so happy!

Happy New Year Jim!

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