Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Family Memory Jog, a Rock Pile ~~ Warm Heart Wednesday No. 009

When I look out to my backyard, or when I'm sitting there in a rocking chair, or looking for the rabbits that live there, I can see over in the corner these rocks bordering a bed of Oleanders.  They bring pleasant memories of my family and family activities.

These rocks were brought to Texas from the grove at our farm in Nebraska.  Both my sister, Lois, and I, were born in the farmhouse there and lived with our parents until we left home for college.  Neither of us would come back except to visit.

Dad collected the rocks out of the fields where he grew corn, oats, clover, and hay.  When he would plow, every now and then one would surface.  Since the farm had been tilled beginning in the 1840's or 1850's, most of the rocks had already been found and removed.  But some still surfaced when Grandpa, and then Dad, begin farming there in the 1920's.

Dad and Mom shared the rock pile on the farm.  Every now and then Mom would take a rock away to place where it would look comfortable.  Dad moved a whole bunch of them to the coral east of the barn.  'Someday' the rest would come in handy for ... ?

Mrs. Jim and I would move as many of the rocks as would fit in our trunk without loading the car down too much at a time down to Texas when we finished a Nebraska visit.  What were left sold at the farm auction in two lots, the pile and those in the coral.

We had most of them in our garage until we moved to Katy (Texas) last August.  Son, Tim, loaned us his pickup for things the mover didn't get moved.  Right away, since we had this nice bed in the left of our back yard, I hauled them back in our little red wagon.

Mostly when I think of them I think of Dad loading them onto his horse drawn sledge and brining them to the farmyard.  Then I get to thinking of Mom.  I know she liked the rocks but I'm not sure what for.

What does your rock pile look like?
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What a lovely remembrance. It would be most comforting to see the rocks and think back to your youth.

Have a fabulous day Jim. ☺
I think it's wonderful that you have a tiny piece of Nebraska in your yard. I brought some small rocks from NJ to add to my doll scenes. I even took a Magic Marker and wrote on them so I wouldn't forget where they came from. I think I like rocks because we don't have them here. I've bought some for the back yard.

I went to an estate sale shortly before Christmas. The man had been a geologist and collected rocks. They were selling them, but there were thousands and I wondered what they'd do with the leftovers after the sale. I think he had bought most of them. There's no way they would have all sold. I had never seen anything like it before. I guess they could have donated them to a school...or buried them.
You may have been the supplier I was mentioning. It was Tom Thumb where I purchased my books. Who I thing was bought by Safeway. My Cowboy was in the buz...he worked for Pilgrims Pride. Thanks for your nice comment.
I enjoyed coming by your blog as well. Have a wonderful Thursday.
I was reading your posts. Noticed you moved to Katy. Do you have a church yet? The Waters is a young church. The pastor is amazing. I knew him as a teenager. And then as Youth Minister at our church. You might check it out!
I think those rocks are very special and your memories of them are so wonderful. I always feel happy visiting here. I hope you and Mrs. Jim have a wonderful week. Take care
What a great, tangible way to remember your Mom, Dad and your farm home. My husband has built a small rock wall at the front of our home. All the rocks have come from our small property. If I ever move I will have to take several of the rocks, as you did.
Hey Jim, I have been meaning to tell you this, I don't know if you know Ann from KC at tin and sparkle but she participates in ABC Wednesday! I have to remember to join them. This is the link I found. Hope you check it out. Thanks Jim for your great blogs.
I love your story, Jim. It tugs at my heart. You truly never know when a good size rock comes in handy. I use rocks and stones to help shore up the fence. The Mama likes to use them as edging around her plants. I've mended my ways and don't collect as many rocks and stones as I used to when the Husband and I go hiking. For now.
The View from the Top of the Ladder
I am a lover of rocks, and I also love this post!

Oh Jim. I loved this story.

I love the comment about moving a rock to look more comfortable.

And the fact that you saved them and hauled them around.

I swear there is stored memory magic in rocks like that.

You can sit there in the afternoon sunshine and place your hands on them and it's like a transporter to a different time and place.

This post truly made me smile and warmed my heart.

Thank you and


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