Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday’s Hunt v1.3 -- "C"is for ...

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1. "C" is for cooking and cookbook. One of our Christmas presents for KP was a cookbook. Not just any cookbook, but a Disney  Princess Cookbook. KP loves it and Christmas Day she began planning her breakfast menu. Kp is six.

She consulted with Mrs. Jim who helped KP decide that only one item would be good for a start. It would be Miner's Mini Muffins with Blueberries.  And they could cook the next time KP was to come to our house.  That was Winter Holliday between Christmas and New Year's Day.

Everything went along without problems until Mrs. Jim decided that she didn't have the frozen blueberries like she was thinking. That all worked out fine though because she had a bag of large chocolate chips.  KP found that chocolate chips were on the alternate ingredient.  All was fine.

Their mini muffins were really good. We had several with our milk or coffee. The rest of the batch went home with KP. I'm glad they doubled the recipe. 

KP is off to a good start in using her cookbook.  My order for a nice 'large breakfast' is being considered.

2.  Week's Favorite:  Wednesday I had a dental appointment to replace a crown that had broken loose.  Mrs. Jim and I carpooled, her bridge was before my dentist so I drove her over and kept the car.  They played at the home of couple belonging to the Conroe (Texas) Sunday school class we left when we moved to Katy.

Fords, left to right:  1914 Ford Model T Roadster with pickup bed conversion;
 1930 Ford coupe with 'rumble seat; and 1931 Ford 'woodie' station wagon.
Only wives played, but I visited with John for about a half hour before leaving for the dentist.  John has some antique cars.  The three pictured here are a Model T Ford and two Model A Fords.  We kicked tires for a bit while John filled me in with some of the latest news.

John was instrumental in getting our Montgomery Early Ford V8 Club started.  We both are charter members.  I sold my 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Tudor V8 when we moved.

3.  Inside. Two Nativity sets out for Christmas.  Above is a Fisher Price set that we ordered for KP last year before Christmas.  This year she had it on the hearth in front of their fireplace. 

Just about every time I was to her house she had a different arrangement.  This one was after Christmas. 

I would recommend you getting one for any of the little ones in your life.  You'd be surprised what all they know about the birth of Jesus.

This is the Nativity set we bought in Bethlehem, Israel, in 1980 during our Holy Land visit. It was said to be hand made from olive wood. We get it out for display during every Christmas season but leave the manger, Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and the Angel out all year.  Sometimes a camel and/or other figures also stay.

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4.  Poem for the week.  I wrote it as a tribute to David Bowie who died January 10, this week.  For inspiration I listened to and read his song, "Slip Away".  It has a sad ending, I got really sad writing it.  Also inspiring was remembering when KP, Mrs. Jim, and I did an afternoon paddle boat outing on the lake in Regents' Park, London, U.K.

You can read more on my other blog, Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place, where I first posted it. (blog link)

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The fine print:  Teresa of Eden Hills is running this meme, Friday's Hunt. She has three alternatives for us to post about but this one, Alphabet series, will be the one I will try to follow and post about.  - Her rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm, so you have plenty of time to enter."
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here has others who are participating if you would to read what these folk are doing for the Friday post  - For the week of January 15 our assignment was to post on any or all of these ideas:  (1) Starts with "C"; (2) Week's Favorite; and (3) Inside; then (4) this one, Poem for the week, is lagniappe.

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I took a couple of KPs muffins for my coffee this morning. Tell her she did a great job.

Love the old cars. They don't make them like that anymore.

Have a fabulous day. ☺
The '30 Coupe is for sale. It has a 'rumble seat'.
Price? Duno.
Thanks so much for joining in. Lovely tribute to Bowie. It's sad to see so many stars dying lately. I love that image of the grand and her recipe book! I agree chocolate chips would be a good replacement ingredient. Those antique cars are amazing!
The muffins look yummy and I love all those old cars. That is a lovely poem asa tribut to David. Have a lovely week ahead until next Friday's Hunt.
Great shots of KP cooking.
Sounds like the cookbook present was a brilliant idea for everyone involved! I love those old cars!
That's a beautiful poem, Jim. I'm glad that Katie realizes she and her Papa will be sailing away together on clouds. It keeps it from being too sad for me. On a bright note, I look at the Model T and hear the Mama say, "I learned to drive in a Model T." And, the Mama is quite petite. Not even 4'10". :-)
The View from the Top of the Ladder
Oh those cars are so super cool! And a cook in the family how nice :)
Those muffins look delicious and I love the substitute of chocolate chips for blueberries. Those are fine looking old cards.
Hello, KP did a great job making those muffins. They look and sounds delicious. I love choc. chips. The collection of old cars is wonderful. Great post and photos. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!
I think it's wonderful when children are so enthusiastic about cooking. And learning how to substitute is a very important part of the process. Good job KP!
Oh I love it when little girls want to start baking and the muffins look fabulous. All of our granddaughters ages 12-19 like to bake and what a treat it is to have something with afternoon tea.
Boy, my husband would love to kick tires with you and your friend around these old cars. Hope your crown will be replaced without much discomfort. (visiting from Eden Hills)
Your cars reminded me of my dad's Modal A truck he used to drive back in the 60's and 70's. It seemed ancient then! He enjoyed that truck far more than just about any other car he had. It's almost Friday's Hunt again!

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