Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Things Children Do ~~ Warm Heart Wednesday No. 010

Especially when the child is your granddaughter.

I remember when:

 _ _ _  When, not long ago, KP brought this nice little card  home from Sunday school.  It reads, "to mimi, PaPa thank you for takeing me t(o) church.  from ..." (KP is our six year old granddaughter.)

 _ _ _  When our KP could stay in lines when she colored. Now she colors pretty and good. She also can cut and paste. This pretty Japanese lantern she made at school. It is for decoration only although one might put a battery powered candle inside.

_ _  When the answer to the question, "Can she cook and sew?" becomes affirmative.  Not much sewing but she makes mean Miners' Minnie Muffins from her new Disney Princess Cookbook
(In the picture above, KP and Mimi, aka Mrs. Jim are hiding from the camera man.)  
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Her recipe called for blueberries but we didn't have any. So she substituted chocolate chips. That took a little, or rather large, discussion before she was convinced that would be okay.

It is heart warming to watch her learn skills she will be using for a life time. A love note card now and then really warms a person, best still when it comes from a grandchild. Old or young. Six to thirties.

_ _ _ _ _
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Grand-kids rock and great grand-kids rock even more. She's a cutie too.

Have a fabulous day Jim. ☺
What a lovely post about your family! I look forward to grand-kids in the future. They will add so much to my life! Thanks for stopping by today!
Lovely Jim, We have only one grandchild yet and he is only 11 weeks old but he sure warms our heart too.
I so agree. We are on the same page this week with our grandkids…and Jenny, too.

You blessed with a beautiful and loving granddaughter and wonderful family ~ such a treasure!

Happy Weekend to you, ^_^
One gets to experience them growing up than with the children before. It is now more participative not authoritative like before.

I think you are really enjoying life in Katy and living near your grandchild! What a great post. (Tell them they'll have to duck down a little lower next time to escape the cameraman.)
That's a neat lantern your KP made. Imagine the joyful look she'd have if she saw that you put that battery operated candle in it. Children are so much fun, especially when it comes to teaching them new things. Enjoy!
Jim! You got me on this one. I'm smiling and feeling all cozy and warm hearted! Nothing like seeing beloved Grandlittles learning and participating in the things that make a house a home.

I love this!

Thanks for warming my heart!

Dear Jim, How did you find out about Tina. Is there a link somewhere? I saw the obituary but I wondered if it was on another link. Thank you for sharing this information if you feel comfortable about it.

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