Wednesday, March 16, 2016

a Juvenile Sympathy Card ~~ Warm Heart Wednesday No. 018

Hand drawn by KP:
"I'm sorry that your friend died. 
The good now is that
God is piking her up today." 

KP is in the first grade so I thought she did really good on this.  We didn't ask for it or even mention to her the concept of 'sympathy cards.'  It brought a little tear from me as I read it.  Heart Warming."

This week we attended the funeral of Mrs. Jim's cousin.  This week is also Spring Break at KP's school and so we are having her, our grandchild, while her parents are working.  So this was KP's first funeral to attend.  She wrote a similar card to Mrs. Jim as well. 

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hello Jim, what a cute sympathy card. Your granddaughter is a sweetie! Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!
Awww, so precious. She loves the both of you and wants you to know she cares about you. That's so sweet and very heart warming.

Have a terrific day. ☺
I am so sorry about the loss of your wife's cousin. Loss is hard. Jim I went to the funeral of a dear friend myself on Monday. Hugs.
Sweet KP! Hugs to you, Jim, and Mrs. Jim.
So sorry for your loss. That card certainly is sweet.
Loss is always so tough. Even if we are expecting it it never makes it any easier. But your grand daughters sympathy share is priceless and precious. A real gem of a child. Take care and pass my condolences on to your lovely wife. Hugs, Anne
This is absolutely beautiful.

I love the trueness of children.

And the heart warming message here.

Thank you for linking to week 18.


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