Friday, March 24, 2017

~~ Friday’s Hunt v.3.12-- "L" is for ...

Friday's Hunt for the week of March 24th: Starts with L; Week's Favorite; and Antique

(1)  Starts with L:  "L" is for Llama. You can help us decide if this animal that I am posed with is a llama or an Alpaca. Mrs. Jim isn't for absolute certain but she thinks it is a an __??__ .  She goes by the Length of its ears and neck and height.  "L" for Long and "L" for Llama.  Not much help, huh?

(2) Week's Favorite:  La Madeleine honored National French Bread Day last  Tuesday (check it out, click here).  All the customers having an La Madeleine App were sent One Free Baguette (large size) with a purchase (really free?).  Each of us had a sandwich salad, coffee and a free Baguette.

(3)  Antique:  This Bombay chest is old but it may or may not be antique.  It is a little shakey and has a small cigar sized hole in one end.  We have had it a long time, Mrs. Jim bought it from a widow lady who was moving to Florida to be near her daughter. 

She also bought six green upholstered dining chairs with Queen Anne legs and brass tacks.  Well, ... there was also a fairly large sitting dog, definitely not antique.  If we have another antique day here and if I remember I will show these items then.

(4)  Starts with L:  Some more

"L" is for Leftovers.  This half my lunch (on the left).  Mrs. Jim had two left over baked and frozen sweet potatoes and a left over small end of a baked pork loin, also frozen, and a left over cabbage, not frozen.  Remember that I had already eaten half of my leftover meal before I remembered to take a picture.

"L" is for Lipsync.  I took this snap above of the Kelly (and friend) Show while they were doing the WINTER LIP SYNC trivia contest on March 23.  I think a lady won a nice trip to a resort.  It may have been to an Arizona Dude Ranch that day. 

The name for this contest because a dancer in a cage-like stage lip sync sings to the music playing of a song that she is dancing to.  This is just before the person is called to answer the trivia question, generally something about the previous day's program or guest.  

You can see the sign behind Kelly and her friend of the day, please forgive the poor quality, but note the sign says "Winter".  Winter ended on Monday, March 20 with the first day of spring.  I.e. we were three days into Spring and the sign had become dated, out of date. I plan to see if they have changed it by next week for Monday's program.

"L" is for Long Life.  (Enlarge to read the article photo I've posted here at the right.) Scientists are beginning to believe that humans have a maxim age, regardless of modern medical advances  They believe that will end up somewhere around age 115.   .                      Do you believe in Science?                  How about the increasing extremes, warming and cooling, of the weather for the next zillion years?  As an ex-rocket science worker, NASA Aerospace Engineer (before leaving to teach), I do for both of these.                                                                           - - - - - 
The Fine Print: - Teresa of Eden Hills, (click) is running this meme, Friday's Hunt.  Her rules are: "Welcome to linkup for Friday’s Hunt. It’s very simple. Anyone can participate. The link opens at 7pm Friday Central time and will close Sunday at 7pm."

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Jim, which is the "L"lama? "L"augh, "L"augh "L"augh! Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
Nothing is free, but a true French baguette, hard to find in the USA, is a sublime treat, especially warm and with LOTS of butter. I'd call that plush thing a llama, but alpaca is just as plush :)
Love the picture of you with the camelid species! It is a bit of a conundrum. It has the ears of an alpaca (none of the banana-shaped ears of a llama) but the face is long in the nose, which is more like a llama - alpacas have a more shortened nose length. Given the size of you next to it, I'll go with alpaca as well, since it's smaller. Llamas are big. I used to have 6 of them on my farm, and they were taller than me, and I'm 5'10" so that's pretty tall. Regardless, it's really cute! The free baguette was great! I am definitely with you on the science team, Jim. I was never an engineer, but I am a molecular biologist, and climate change is a very serious problem we all need to worry about.
Well, whatever critter that is, it's a fun photo of you! :-) The Bombay chest is very beautiful! We like leftovers, planning to have enough for an extra meal with little cooking required. It just makes sense, especially with only two to plan for. I agree with you about science, and I think that if we knew the full truth we would find that both science and religion agree, to be correct they must! Great collection of photos and thoughts for the week, Jim! :-)
I like the Llama ! It's so funny ! The coins you saw on my post are very old they stem from 1850 ! That's why they look not very new, lol !
So many wonderful antiques. Would be interesting to find out more about them. I think I'm going to go with llama, but it's just a guess. It's cute no matter what type of critter it is. I always cook to have leftovers to take for lunch. I would starve otherwise. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

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