Friday, January 12, 2018

Weekend Roundup -- 02-18 (for letter "B")

Weekend Roundup:
Starts with "B."  Weeks favorite.  New Beginning. 

(1) Starts with "B"  "B" is for Bellaire, a Red 1957 Chevy Bellaire Convertible.  It is the First month's picture for my 2018 NAPA Calendar.  BTW, I had a very good friend who had one of these new.  Both he and the Chevy Bellaire were consumed in a Gas Station Fire.  Someone lit a cigarette, my friend was working at the station.

The specs:  Either a 265 c.i.d. or a 283 c.i.d. engine.  My flathead Hot Rodded 1952 Ford 2-Door** would outrun or keep even with all the overhead valve 1955-6-7 Chevy's

(2) Weeks favorite:  Mood helpers:

Happy MacDonald's Balloons and
Hopeful Promise (Rainbow after Rain):

(3) New Beginning:  My Chevy Bellaire is also a New Beginning as it is to be found on my NAPA Auto Parts Classic Car Calendar, New for January 2018

As I have mentioned before, I have them from the second to this one.  These NAPA Auto Parts  Calendar had their beginnings in the 1970's.

** Note:
My 1952 Ford 2-door, hot rodded, had a Mercury Flathead valve V-8 engine that I built, bored and stroked, ported and relieved, with a "Street cam".  It had an automatic transmission, looked stock, except for upgraded seats.  We calculated it to be 297 c.i.d.

It was a very pretty green, I bought it two years old.  I don't know how fast it would go but the speedometer only went to 100 and I drove it so fast you could look down into the instrument and not be able to see the needle.  Those were my 'fast days'.

4.1. LagniappeBMW Car Logo (starts with "B")
found at

4.2. LagniappeBraunschweiger (starts with "B") Snack that I take with my Tri-glyceride Meds (take with food" directions). I buy them at our New (beginningsAldi's Grocery Store for $1.99 for a one pound package.  My other name brand had gone up to $3.99 for eight ounces at our name brand store.
BTW, you may call this treat "liverwurst".

The fine print:
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I'm sorry about your very good friend that didn't survive that lit cigarette. What a shame.

Have a beautiful day. Had to do the 'b' thing you know. ☺
What a sad story about the car fire. A dreadful way to go. I love your rainbow shot! We are expecting rain in the next 24 hours. Very strange for our area for this time of year. We broke a temperature record today. I'm glad you are past your "fast days" because that doesn't sound safe!
...Jim. what a great way to start the new year, a red '57 Chevy Bellaire Convertible. Probably the girl doesn't come with it! Yep, my 'fast days' are behind me too. Thanks Jim, I hope to "C" you next week!
Love the '57 Bel Air - those fins with he silver trim is lovely. Your Mercury flathead was a 255? The FoMoCo 136/221/239/255 flathead has a unique sound, especially with 'glass mufflers!
Nice looking car, but sad memories for you.
A new word for me - lagniappe!

I used to eat it when I was a kid. :)
Beautiful car! My husband and I in 1967, went out in a 57 chevy in high school, his parents had a family wagon, kind of a yucky metallic green color! I love old cars!

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