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The Letter "D" ~~ Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The 30th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year... (THE FOURTH LETTER FOR THIS SERIES)
- the Letter "D" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with the Letter "D"; (B) A Favorite; (C) "D" for Dark (Tom's choice); and (D) Reflection(s). 

(A) Starts with the Letter "D": "Dried Fruit" starts with "D". Here is KP one more time doing the YMCA song letter for "D".  We were at The Sprouts Grocery Store and they have about the best Bulk Dried Fruit, and also their Candied Fruit is super.  I like Dark Chocolate Covered Dried Cranberries best.

I have hopes for her to lend us her hands for more. If you'd like you could give her a hand of encouragement, perhaps she will.

AND I'd appreciate if you would suggest an "E" fruit besides the "Eggplants" that came to my mind, but which KP thinks are GROSS..

The kids are animating to help learn their memory verse
Pictured here three of our six adults and the two high school student helpers

 Four tables set for twelve . . . . Ms. Nan, Leader of our crew -- Our Island
The yellow Paper chain is a Prayer Chain.  Only a part shows here.


A few of the kids had to leave early so their picture and porthole have gone
home with them.  The small boat pulls us workers, seven adults and two
high school students (boys).  Amongst other duties, I was class photographer.
Again this year, Captain Longbeard was leader for the school.

(B) A Favorite:  Probably the bottom boat picture is MY Favorite, but these are all Favorites for this week.  They were taken at our church in our VBS (Vacation Bible School) Classroom where we had 49 third grade students.  We had eight (8) third grade classes, most had a similar or larger number of kids.

(C) "D" for Dark (Tom's choice): Here at right is the picture of THE INTERNATIONAL DATELINE that I took from the flight attendants' window on our way home from Sydney, Australia.  It was at night, Dark, and my camera did not pick up a good photo. (Read more here...) (Oh yes, the attendants had the exact time that we would be crossing so finding it was now problem, right below.  Dah.)

(D) Reflection(s):  This is in the Foyer/Atrium of our church, Second Baptist Church Houston, 1463 Campus (# 6 of Seven).

What you see are the Reflections of Globe Lights and a lot of Balloons hung for VBS (Vacation Bible School)
 _ _ _ _

Now for my  Friday Two Questions.
When I was doing this post for Teresa I would have this section.  It is new here for Tom.  I will see if it is liked, let me know.  And please PARTICIPATE.  Thank you a lot, I like to be humored.

My last post last week was about my Toy Cars.  I should have started there by asking about your Toys.  If you'd like to tell so, you can do that here even if I didn't ask. 

Crossing the International Date Line during our flight was going to be a big thing for me but I can say it was like the song, "Is that all there is to love," sung by .   

I was able to take a picture out the cabin attendants' window of that line.  Unfortunately it was dark outside so the picture leaves a lot to the imagination. I will enjoy reading about your kind feelings towards these words.  

_ _ _ _

My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):.

1. Did you attend VBS when you were small?
I did not.  I think we did not go to church or Sunday School until I was finished with 5th grade.
2. What favorite fruit or vegetable would you like for me to photograph, with price showing I hope?  You can tell me anytime, I will line them up.
Unless I change, My favorite will be Rhubarb. Best in pie, sauce, or jams.

Bonus Question: What is your favorite "D" word?
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1. Did you attend VBS when you were small? Yes

2. What favorite fruit or vegetable would you like for me to photograph, with price showing I hope? Pineapple. My favorite fruit.

Bonus Question: What is your favorite "D" word? Delightful

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Jim. ♪♫♪♫
Okay I read this Jim and saw your pretty granddaughter's D. I am not sure what you are talking or telling about or doing exactly - I feel I have come in a little late - but I am here.

Yes I have always gone to church and VBS. Still going.
My favorite fruit is strawberries.
Best D word - daughter (I have a wonderful one).
I saw the picture and knew immediately you were at Sprouts. We have them here too.
Looks like a lot of fun for the kids. I like dried fruits too, but I've never seen here cranberries in dark chocolate, sounds very delicious. Would like to see the sweet girl again with other letters.
Enjoy your weekend
...did you see any 'D'ried 'D'ates? Try for 'E'scarole, 'E'ndive or 'E'lderberries for next week. What would you do without your little helper? Thanks Jim for joining in this week, enjoy.
I would enjoy seeing Tom's elderberries. Love elderberry jelly. I never see them in stores, but often see them along the roadside. My mom made the most DELICIOUS (my favorite D word) rhubarb pie. Would enjoy a slice of it right now. If only...
Hi Jim, I attended Sunday school every week growing up, but I can't say I remember going to Vacation Bible School. My kids did go to VBS. I also love chocolate covered cranberries! I find mine at Trader Joes! I love fruits and veggies...not sure I have a favorite, but my least favorite fruit would be the Avocado! Never liked them! I've tried many times and different ways to eat an avocado, I stopped trying! Have a good week! Dawn
KP is animated and her 'D' is nicely done! I like the children at the VBS - learning is important but nice when it is fun too! The prayer chain is wonderful as well - prayer for intercession for others as well as for us...I'd love to be able to cross the International Date Line just because it is so unique and I'll have crossed the Pacific (only crossed the Atlantic.
Not really to brag on numbers, but again this fifth year of our church we have set a new attendance record of VBS. Over 2500 kids. I'd like prayer for each and every one of those, I think it was about seven of each third grade class to make a decision for Christ. Quite a few others were Christians before they came.
Delightful post! I never went to VBS. Years ago I crossed the international dateline and the equator at the same time. Now I'm a "golden shellback". :-)
Would you send me your email so I can write back - I lost everything a couple years ago. Thanks.
Never mind i found it on your blog.

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