Friday, August 02, 2019

The Letter "E" ~~ Rev 04 - Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The 31st issue of Weekend Roundup for this year... (THE FIFTH LETTER FOR THIS SERIES)
- the Letter "E" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with the Letter "E"; (B) A Favorite; (C) "E" for "Evening" (Tom's choice); and (D) Reflections.

(A) Starts with the Letter "E": Eggplant starts with "E".   So does Everything

Neither KP nor I like Eggplants.  Finally when I was in ages of 50's I relented and did taste them.  She has never tasted Eggplant and does not intend to.

She thinks Eggplants are Gross and at first didn't want to be pictured with them. They are sort of pretty but that is a Fake Smile they wear.

BTW, do you remember the Chicken and Eggplant old high school joke?  Nuf said.

(B) A Favorite:  This is my Runner Up for the Evening picture.  It was taken from my BIL's room in the hospital at Jackson, TN.  It will have to do for a Favorite.

(C) "E" for "Evening" (Tom's choice):  The NYC Harbor Firework Display started in the late Evening.  We watched that rather than the National Fourth of July Celebration broadcast on PBS TV. 
If you think I took the above picture at Night please compare my above picture to this one I took later when Night had set in.

(D) Reflections:   I found this Errorred (??) painting in a Funeral Home that we visited this week and just had to take a picture.  Evidently it was painted by a worker who knew nothing about Reflections.

You will note that the boat house/barn reflection is a reproduction straight down.  Even the roof's top is reflected.  I doubt that even an elaborate mirror arrangement could not get such a mixed up reflection. 

Had it not been for this mistake it would have made an a peaceful painting to have in a funeral home.
_ _ _ _

My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):.

1.  What a mistake have you made in your writing (or painting also) and just let it go hoping that no one will catch the problem?

2.  Have you ever tasted eggplant?   How about eggplant, how well do you like it?  is there anything else you would like to tell with your eggplant experience and knowledge?

Bonus Question: What is your favorite "E" word?
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I have a friend that makes a very tasty eggplant dish. This reminded me to call her for the recipe. My 4th grandson was born at that hospital in Jackson, TN. I lived there in mid 2000s. Beautiful evening shots.
Sweet lady and great fireworks!
I've never thought about eggplants with "e" - in German they are Aubergine. I have a good recipe for a warm eggplant-salad with rice, but I did not like them for many years. You have to understand how to prepare them well.
Enjoy your weekend
...I agree, 'E'verything's better with berries. You don't like 'E'ggplant, how sad! BTW, which can first? Lovely 'E'vening, 'E'njoy your weekend.
Eggplants are a night veggie like mushrooms and potatoes I think.
Anyway I have tried them - don't care for them. There are a lot of them in Greek food.
I like eclairs!
One of our local restaurants, Rosa Mina, makes a fabulous Eggplant Rollatini. wafer thin and stuffed with ricotta. I think you might change your mind! The evening fireworks light up the sky spectacularly!
I love eggplants. Have tasted it quite often.
You have a good eye for art! Otherwise, you are correct, that painting would be lovely. My favorite "E" word is Edward. It was my father's first name and he loved his name. It is also my older middle brother Ed's name too. I have missed stopping by and must come back soon. Enjoy the weekend.

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