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The Letter "H" ~~ Rev 04 - Weekend Roundup and Reflections

The 34th issue of Weekend Roundup for this year... (THE EIGHTH  LETTER FOR THIS SERIES)
- the Letter "H" Prompts are:
(A) Starts with the Letter "H"; (B) A Favorite; (C) "H" for "Half" (Tom's choice); and (D) Reflections. 

     Wikipedia Photo copied (left)     My picture at Kroger Grocery (right)
[click on any picture here to see it larger, click it again for super large]

(A) Starts with the Letter "H": Honeydew Melons starts with "H".

Home Goods store picture (left)  and  My Kroger Grocery store, outside (both are my photos)

(B) A FavoriteHalloween is one of my favorite Holidays.  Store decorations rule although Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday stuff is also out. 

Note also the Reflections in the store window.  The Clouds are very pretty here (click to enlarge).  If you enlarge it to Super Large, by doing a second click, you will see that I am in the Left Side, taking the picture.  Hence an unknown until posting Selfie.

(C) "H" for "Half" (Tom's choice):  This is also a ReflectionHalf this strip center row of offices is taken up by an Urgent Care facility and a Pet Doctor Clinic.

The other Half contains a Little Caesar's Pizza place,  a small Pilates exercise studio, and a Kolache Factory store.

(D) Reflection(s):  I have finally found a "Perfect" Men's Public Restroom, I give it a FIVE (5) on my restroom rating scale of one, horrible to five, absolutely perfect).  Five because every restroom function pertaining to the public equipment can be used without touching any of hardware, it is all 'automatic'.  And because both of the two other plumbing choices are also auto operate.  Well is one sits down, pulling the lid up or putting it down is manual. 

The other part of the rating depends upon cleanliness, this one is also spotless. Looking the other way in the mirror would be a showing of outside the big window.  This is on the second floor, the blinds were all open but every other building visible was only one story.  The ladies' does not have windows as it in an inside room.  So I have been told.
 _ _ _

My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):

1. My first Reflection picture (the one with the Ceramic Pumpkins)has a cloud reflecting. Do you like to see things in the cloud formations. Do you see anything in this one of mine? I see a Map of the Florida Keys or of the Hawaiian Islands

2. What is your feeling about Public Restrooms? I generally rate them mentally.  You can check a few of these by clicking on the "Restroom Rating" 'Label' at the bottom of this posting.

Bonus Questions:
1. What is your favorite "H" word?

2. Do you ever wander by accident into the opposite sex's restrooms?  I have.  Some days I am less likely than others.  I leave really fast when I realize (and ask for Pardon if there are ladies inside).  Mrs. Jim also points out the Men's room to me if she is headed towards the Ladies'.
. _ _ _

The fine print:
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- I am linked with Tom of "Backwoods Travel" (Link to Tom's Weekend Reviews
- The pictures are all mine and rights are reserved to me under Copyright Law.
- I am also linked this week with James at Weekend Reflections, for my Reflections Photo.
- Photos and Text Copyright, © Jimmiehov 2019, All Rights Reserved

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...Honeydew is a sweet H. I Haven't been shopping in a while, Halloween is out already?
Urgent Care facility and a Pet Doctor Clinic, Had covers everyone. Thanks Jim for stopping by, stay cool this weekend.

I think I see a group of islands as well.
I like bathrooms that are clean - yikes I have to say people can be real pigs.
H-Halloween - I don't mean for what it stands for - but it means cooler weather and I love the coolers.
Oh my gosh - yes - more than once - once when Andy was little we did it together and there was a man in there - poor guy.
I've seen reverse cases too.
What you going to do but laugh.
OOPS! I number of times I have ended up in the "Men's" room would be telling!!! I do like clean toilet facilities.. Favourite "H" word would be HAPPY and HILARIOUS. Those 2 words are life 2 HAVES! Clouds - yes sometimes I imaine I see different shapes. I hope you have a great weekend.
1. My first Reflection picture (the one with the Ceramic Pumpkins)has a cloud reflecting. Do you like to see things in the cloud formations. I just see clouds in that shot, but there have been times I've seen different things in the clouds.

2. What is your feeling about Public Restrooms? I'm not a fan of most public restrooms, but when you have to go you have to go.

Bonus Questions:
1. What is your favorite "H" word? Honor

2. Do you ever wander by accident into the opposite sex's restrooms? I've not done this yet, and I hope I never do, but you never know.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Jim. ♪♫♪♫
Honeydew is my favorite melon! I detest public restrooms, but sometimes they are unavoidable. I choose to stop at McDonald's when travelling. They are usually cleaner than some. I have accidentally gone into the men's room before. Fortunately, it was unoccupied and no one saw my embarrassment. My favorite H word is Horse. :)
I like honeydew melons and my favorite "H" word in English is hedgehog (I've only not managed to take a photo of one). The word "restroom" is new for me (I've often asked by myself, how they call it) and, honestly, one time I was in the wrong...oops!
I like to see faces and other things in the clouds.
Greetings from Germamy
Hi Jim! I really like honeydew melons! Halloween can be fun, we don't get many trick or treaters where we live now, but I used to loved seeing the neighborhood kids all dressed up when my kids were small, too. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! Have a good Labor Day weekend!

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