Friday, September 28, 2007

My very own Peter Max

Well, this is it, not the airplane, but my photo. This Continental plane was parked at the Houston airport when we taxied in from our Scotland trip.

Continental Airlines commisioned Peter to paint the plane for the NYC2000. The painted plane was a part of to help New York City celebrate the coming of the year 2000. It took 8 days by 2 teams of 16 people equipped with paint guns and required 320 gallons of paint. All this time, Peter Max was very active painting and supervising the project. [Link to AirinesGate for more details]

Perhaps you have seen it. I would be very jealous if you have flown on it.

So far I haven't seen fit to spend my hard earned $$$$$ on a Peter Max. Prints start in the low $100's, prices go way upwards to originals in the $1000's, a few might be in the $10,000's.

I first met his work on a cruise throught the Panama Canal (from Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angels). Later, at the Texas Heart Institute Museum where I was attending a seminar on aneurysm repair, given by my cardiologist, Dr. Zvonimir Krajcer, M.D., F.A.C.C. and Dr. Cooley, I ran across another work of his.

Peter donated his original Angel With Heart [2000] (painting or print, I'm not sure now) to the Institute. My first stent, to repair my abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) with a stent graft, was done there in April, 2001, by Dr. Krajcer.

'Angel with Heart is a magnificent expressionistic image that conveys the higher ideals of spirit and compassion embodied in a colorful angelic figure. The angel, as an icon, has appeared frequently in Peter Max's work, from his early "Cosmic" period to his "Neo-Expression" period, of which this very special poster is a prime example.' This explanation of poster is from the Peter Max site,

So of course, my favorite would be a rather more expensive one. This Angel With Heart print is very similar to the painting he donated, it may be a poster of that same one. And it sells for $960.00. I like it especially because it is signed and dedicated and has a drawing attached (at the bottom).

I think my kids will spring for that for my next birthday or two. After all they are paying for my cable TV when I decided to get it.

Nice kids, huh? Until then, I'll live with my own photo, pictures from the Internet, and numerous post cards that I send myself (see below).

Peter Max Art Online,
Send a postcard, read about Peter Max, and/or buy some of his art.

Zvonimir Krajcer, M.D. bio, at Leachman Cardiology Associates,
I recommend him and the clinic wholeheartedly.

AirlinesGatwe, details of the NYC2000 Contential Airlines, large photo 1, large photo 2

YouTube video of takeoff

Progress Report: (see photo below)
[supersized picture click]

The table and chair (there are four) were Mom and Dad's, a present from Grandpa when they were married. I have no idea if they were new or used then. My bet is used because every one of us was real poor in those depression years.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"I'm Back!" Home, from the UK -- Scotland Holiday # 001


I've got a lot to do, we got in late last night. I will figure it all out later, but this mail needs attention NOW. There may even be a 'couple' of bills in there, and a check from CitiGroup I'm hoping.
[Click any picture for full screen, click "super large" for very large size picture.]

"super large"

We had a really good time. The first four nights were spent at a nice B&B in Crieff, Scotland.

"super large"

From there we toured the central parts, including Edinburgh and Inverness. Our car was a VW Passat SUV, left hand side of the road equiped. Would you believe they use miles and miles per hour over there? We put 1018 miles on that little car, and not even one scratch..

"super large"

No, we didn't see Nessy.

"super large"

After that we spent five nights at the Westin Turnberry at Turnberry, Scotland. There we toured some more, the first three days we golfed at all three Turnberry courses. The British Open will be held here in 2009 [link].

"super large"

In case you didn't get your card yet, perhaps "it's in the mail." [Alloway, Scotland, post office across from the Robert Burns (poet)Childhood Home Museum]

"super large"

Soon I will get organized about all my postings. Then I will let you know, for now, please just keep on checking in on me. Thanks!

Too, I have my Wordless Wednesday picture over at JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO PLACE (link).

My next post should be Friday. Bye.

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