Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"I'm Back!" Home, from the UK -- Scotland Holiday # 001


I've got a lot to do, we got in late last night. I will figure it all out later, but this mail needs attention NOW. There may even be a 'couple' of bills in there, and a check from CitiGroup I'm hoping.
[Click any picture for full screen, click "super large" for very large size picture.]

"super large"

We had a really good time. The first four nights were spent at a nice B&B in Crieff, Scotland.

"super large"

From there we toured the central parts, including Edinburgh and Inverness. Our car was a VW Passat SUV, left hand side of the road equiped. Would you believe they use miles and miles per hour over there? We put 1018 miles on that little car, and not even one scratch..

"super large"

No, we didn't see Nessy.

"super large"

After that we spent five nights at the Westin Turnberry at Turnberry, Scotland. There we toured some more, the first three days we golfed at all three Turnberry courses. The British Open will be held here in 2009 [link].

"super large"

In case you didn't get your card yet, perhaps "it's in the mail." [Alloway, Scotland, post office across from the Robert Burns (poet)Childhood Home Museum]

"super large"

Soon I will get organized about all my postings. Then I will let you know, for now, please just keep on checking in on me. Thanks!

Too, I have my Wordless Wednesday picture over at JIM'S LITTLE PHOTO PLACE (link).

My next post should be Friday. Bye.

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Jim - I loved the pictures (from the trip that is). That first picture would have made me want to turn around and GO BACK! ~ jb///
WELCOME HOME! and good luck with the mail! For me Citi-bank take'ith and I giv'ith.
Dear Jim,
nice to have you back on the web. You certainly are travelling with open lenses and open minds! I liked those supersize me pics. Is that only possible on Texacan blogs?
You and Mrs. Jim look so nice, American and relaxed on the golf course. Bet you are good at it.
I'm not.
I'm afraid we only have nine hole links around here (three of them, if I'm not wrong)
That is if you and Mrs. should like to visit the south/western part of Norway (Best West, in fact, exept for the the golf).
Germans are coming in herds to fish free salt water fish.
Earlier we had the English Lax Lords who came and rented hole rivers for salmon fishing.
Honestly it would be a privilidge to guide the pair of you around.
Bet the dollar will not be so weak either next year, so you will not find Norway that expensive.
Gunnar has travelled around Scotland and even in London wiyh his MG TF. He even cought a picture of a seaworm, but not in Lock Ness.
I spent a summer in the Edinburgh area (-78 that was), and in the Firth of Fife area.
Loved the Castle, loved the people in the small towns and pubs in Kirkaldy and Kinghorn.
I also like Ian Rankin who are writing crime novels from that area.
I'm happy to find a Dylan fan as well. He's nominated for Nobel prize in litteature for the third year in a row.. Hope the lobbists are doing their job well, Dylan surely deserves his trophy.
My daughter is coming home for autumn vacation, and I so long to see her.
Best thing though is that she is doing well at her new school and is haveing a farely good time.
My Mom will be staying here as well. Serina is not merely an only child, she is an only grand child as well.
No wonder she is highly loved.
Have a nice weekend with your bugs and bills.
from Felisol on the far side of the sea.
Welcome back! When I saw the stack of mail, I noticed how nice all the plants looked, and was going to comment on their surviving your absence until I saw your wordless Wednesday picture.... then, again, it's not fair to leave the plant sitter with a sicky... is it?
I loved the golf course pic.
If you need any more bills to pay let me know.
Welcom home Jim.

I am dead jealous about the fish and chips.

I am so glad that you had a lovely time.

Can't wait to read your next post.

Hugs xx
Thanks for 'taking' me along on the trip ... at least with the lovely pictures that is. Perhaps one day Mr. Mac and I can visit such fine places ... in the meantime, we have lots of exploring to do in the Great Northwest. If you ever want to experience great golf, fishing and hunting ... without leaving the states, check out North Idaho. (P.S. the soldier's letter in my post was written just prior to his death in, I believe, the battle of Gettysburg.)
So glad to have you back. Went fast, didn't it?
That picture of Charlie Brown's Restaurant on my blog is a publicity shot. I didn't take it the day we were there. The parking lot is always full and reservations are usually needed after 4. We were there at 3:30.
Welcome back Jim!! Ah, Scotland is so pretty!! I hope to visit there someday. I'm sure you had a wonderful trip!!
Welcome back Jim ~~ Great pics from Scotland - pity about Nessie !!
The scenery is beautiful in Scotland
and the two golfers look good too!!
I am glad that you both enjoyed the trip without any more mishaps.
Thanks for your comments. Take care, Kind regards, Merle.
Thanks for sharing photos and tidbits from your trip.

I was hoping to see video of you riding on the back of the Lochness MONSTER/CREATURE, but I hear she's hard to find in that great, big lake.


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