Thursday, January 21, 2010

My golf ball laughed at me — MidWeek Blues — for my whole game

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In case you have trouble reading this, it says (first line) "?", (second line) "Haa". Third line is printed upside down for some reason.
Printing on the cart dashboard tells how to drive the electric cart.

How would you like to look at that laughing ball every time you were to hit?

It's almost depressing.

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Fourteen fellows from Mrs. Jim's Sunday school class go golfing on Tuesdays.
Lately they have been inviting me and for the first time I went along with them.
Before the weather wasn't nice enough for an old fellow like me. This Tuesday was really nice. We are hoping Spring is here to stay.

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Here we are finished and are on our way back to the cart barn.

Our three-some was following these fellows in two more carts. And further behind the last foursome were still playing. They had stopped for a sandwich and some others had played in, going ahead of them.

[large picture] [extra large]

Ten of us had stayed to chat a little and wait for the last four to get in.

From left to right are Jim O, Tom R, Jim R, Joe R, Jim H (me), James C, and Doyle B. Not show, taking picture, was Jack H. who played with John M. and I for our threesome.

We left just in time. The course is the Raven's Nest Golf Course in Huntsville and belongs to the University of Sam Houston State University. I say just in time because a golfing class came out for their golfing lesson which must start at 3:00 PM.

Huntsville is about 28 miles north of us on Interstate 45 leading out of Houston, Texas. Huntsville was the home of Texas first president, President Sam Houston, when we were our own country. He was also the first governor of Texas. There is a very fine museum in town honoring him.

Huntsville is also famous for this statue:

Cousins Jack and Linda from Nebraska standing by Sam Houston

For more about the statue on my blog, please click here.
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Great sense of humor! It looks like you have a nice place to golf! And, there was lots of blue lucky is that! Fun post!
Wow that is one large statue of Sam Houston! Darn that little golf ball 'haa'ing at you, makes you want to smack him doesn't it. Glad you all had some fun on a nice day...I don't think I can hope for spring just yet.
That statue's almost life-sized, isn't it?
Those are golfers from a Sunday School class? Look at that body language! They are longshoremen for sure!

The trees here are in bud. It must be Spring.
I'm waiting for spring too. I'm glad you all had a great time. What a great thing for all of you to do on a regular basis too.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)
Love the inverted perspective of your golf ball ... I laughed too. Your skies are bluer than mine. Looks like a fun outing ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
Everyone, not just the ball, would be laughing if I played golf.
I wish I could golf but aside from hardly being able to stand up there is all that snow.
It looks like you had a good time.
Using a golf ball that laughs, or even smiles, is adding insult to injury.
No golf here for awhile.
Forgot to add. We visited good old Sam once on our way home from a trip to Galveston.
Now in church when someone asks where Jack and Linda are, I can tell them.

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